Do we live in a Police State?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Picasso, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Please listen to the Audio before voting.
    Does the Left still care about Liberty? At what point does a democracy become a Police State?
    David Davis, the Former Shadow Home Secretary speaking just a few weeks ago.
    The audio clip is about 12 minutes long and fundamentally it's pretty strong stuff when you consider this isn't some tin foil hat wearer but is the former Shadow Home Sec. talking!
    Are we living in a Police State?
    If the answer is yes, what point is breaking point for the British public?
    Or is lambs to the slaughter now as Joe public has been ground down into submission?

    Audio link HERE
  2. How did I know someone would just say that? :D
  3. Yes, and it's quite worrying - I've never before seen so many people in public meetings and in the national media talking about how our freedom is being curtailed.

  4. YES.

    Next question please.
  5. The tea leafs? or was it obviouse.
  6. Well done 'parapauk' - you nearly got me there, and then I saw the wink. You are an incorrigible rogue and very naughty!
  7. Not yet, but that is the way we are headed. People do still have free speach and nobody is being disapeared, yet. But the masssive monitoring (but not joined up, yet), loads of petty rules and the banning of so much, it might just be a matter of time.
  8. No of course not, they commit 'suicide' instead.
  9. Good point.
  10. Not yet but it is inevitable.

    It has already been deemed that the best way to control the masses is to watch their every move and provide evidence that we all need to be kept in check. With 24 hour surveillance via several means it will destroy most alibi's for those who would lie to the state.

    Privacy is the last great freedom I believe we have and its already being invaded daily. You either accept it or move to The Congo.

    At the moment we (the masses) are resisting it but it is only a matter of time before the decision is made for us, for our safety. :roll:
  11. Near as dammit, yes.
  12. I don't think it is inevitable. Hopefully the people can only be pushed so far.
  13. Tosh - We are weak. We roll over and accept any old crap our government throws at us. Atleast the Frogs have the Stones to kick up a fuss when they're not happy. The real Brits (The hard working old fashioned British Man and his family) are all seeing the light and doing the sensible thing.

    Buying the next ticket out of here.
  14. Remember the poll tax, the fuel protests and the Ghurka campaign?