Do we have a name for Clarksons show

I have had a wee gander around and could not find anything in the forum's relating

I propose

"No Brakes" as a possible show name "speaks for itself and probably sums up Clarkson

if its been done already (hole it)
It wouldn't surprise me if the subject has been covered in the Clarkson thread..
The FUG show.

And tonight on Fuck You Ginger show Jeremy shouts "power" Hammond crashes a car and James explains something in great detail.
The Clarkson, May and Hammond show.

Or, if legal reasons don't make it impossible, just make The Interceptors.

Talking out of my bum, via a mobile telephone.
I think the "I'm Amazon's Bitch now show" has a certain ring to it. Certainly they're going to pimp his image out to pay for the ludicrous amount of money spent on his soul.


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Three Old Gits on Four Wheels

More Power!

High Gear

Up Yours BBC!

That Car Show
Do you realise that yesterday I turned the TV on and there wasn't a single episode of Top Gear, QI or Mock the week on any channel, not even a +1. I checked them all just in case.
Three Wankers And Their Sportscars...?

Arseh0les on Wheels

You Wish Them Death Race 2000

Streaming Wastes of Skin and Petrol

To Hell in a Reasonably Priced Hatchback

Where has Half an Hour of my Life Gone, with Jeremy Clarkson

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