Do we hate the crabs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ARRSE_3850, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. Do we hate the crabs
  2. bu**er to try and treat! then there is the explaing to do to your partner.......yup I hate the crabs.
  3. I dont hate the crabs. I have worked along side some top blokes in the junior service. Despite them having no class, style or fashionable uniforms, they are mostly OK chaps and chapesses.

    (Movers and RAFP are a different matter all together :wink: )
  4. There are some top blokes that I know who are crabs and some of their women are very nice-much nicer than wrens I hasten to add but would I wear the uniform? Not bloody likely!
  5. I hate crabs with a vengance. My last posting was with this mob of potential redundees and such was my experience that it left no more desire within me to continue in service; there was a possibility that i may have had to serve with their likes again. Who at a RAF Warrant rank level would rather play Bingo than go to the mess for a beer ?! - I am serious !
  6. Have you ever served with or near a Scottish regiment? Their bingo is SERIOUS
  7. Being aircrew-centric, the purposed of the delightful blue-grey uniform is to act as a deterrent. When you stride around in a grow-bag all day, you usually only have to put on No.1s or No.2 for some unpleasant task like parades, b0llockings etc. No-one wants to dress lke that, so you if keep yourself out of trouble, you won't have to.

    (Come to think of it, the No.5s don't really fit in with that theory, do they?)
  8. I have had the pleasure to be neighbours and work collegues with RAF types and they have been nothing but friendly and professional. When living on a mixed patch, the RAF types have been much friendlier than most of the Army!
  9. Very good at Politics the RAF - much admired - good at getting their own way - however: all the dental nurses in the RAF are almost....... Girls 8)
  10. Geez Mr 3850! Did you just register to try and do some baiting??!!!!
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    While having the dubious honour of being thrown out of a Housey Housey session, I do have to put the question, 'Which would be the more serious 'event'?

    a. Stopping a bingo session half way through with a snowball of 50 euros still to be won
    b. Shutting the bar early

    Given a choice - have to do one or t'other - which would you choose? Your call.
  12. Crabtastic,

    You've got 4500 pilots out of a total of 40,000 give or take a few nurses

    How can that be aircrew centric? Aircrew are not the be all and end all of the military.

    Anyway, give me a RAF girlie's buttocks slightly straining through their skirts anyday than some aircrews p1ss stains showing in their grow-bags!
  13. So what was the choice. It would be a lynching either way. I would have made a decision with my trainers on and made a run for it!
  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Wimp :wink:
  15. There's more to aircrew than pilots.

    And this from a service whose officers still go to war in a shirt and tie and is soon to have more admirals than ships? :wink:

    1. The service is called the Royal AIR Force. (Or Rental Air Farce, either way, the word air features prominently.)
    2. The very nature of the RAF's mission dictates that it is aircrew who are responisble for bombs on target/maintaining air superiority/hauling ass and trash/surveillance and reconnaissance. The Battle of Britain (anniversary 15Sep BTW) was fought and won, thus preventing the German invasion of Britain, by around 400 pilots.
    3. Everything else exists to help them do their job- from warming up the jets, to making sure that No. of takeoffs=No. of landings, to hanging the ordnance, to making sure our helmets are nice and snug, to making sure the 5-Star accomodation and rental car is booked and the sheets are turned down with a chocolate on the pillow- and I was very grateful for it too (except for the snowdrops, but that's another thread).
    4. The RAF "brain-trust" is dominated by aircrew. (This irony is not lost on members of ground branches, by the way.)

    That's four reasons off the top of my head why Aircrew Uber-Alles. I'm not gloating, those are the just harsh realities of life. It's very much like how army politics are dominated by former members of the Household Div. and a few select Inf Regts.

    If the look of an 'RAF girlie's buttocks' straining through the skirt floats you boat I suggest you get out more. Oops, forgot, you're probably trolling aimlessly through the S. Atlantic with only a three-month old copy of Razzle and a box of man-size tissues for company. Probably not the best career option for skirt chasing really, was it? :D

    So that's why it did so well in the last round of cuts??? :wink: