Do we get taught how to use AKs?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Nails., Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. This got me thinking. If you were trapped behind enemy lines and you lost your SA80, the only thing you could do is look fror another weapon to fight the enmy with. Seen as though the AK is the main assault weapon in the desert you would more than likely be aiming to commandere one of them. I have heard stories where paras or commandos have run out of bullets and had to use their knives to silently dispose of an enemy sentry, steal his weapon and then use is weapon against the rest of the horde.

    If you are trapped on your own fighting the taliban you will need access to lots of ammunition. There will not be 5.56mm rounds lying everywhere but there will be AK ammunition about in the desert or the Taliban stronghold where you are doing battle. Would it not make sense to teach recruits how to effectively use an AK in training. And how is best to get an AK when you are without your standard issue weapon?

    Also, how would it go if you ran out of bullets for your SA80 but were trapped behind enemy lines. Would it be ok to throw the SA80 in the sand and get an AK due to not having any ammo for it. Or would you get in trouble for this as it's throwing away a good rifle. It just seems impracticle to lug around an SA80 just so you can return it to the armoury when (if) you get back as well as carry the AK that you are dealing damage with.

    One man can only carry so many weapons. Shame it's not like on Doom or Quake where you can have loads of weapons on you. Imagine being able to press 1 for your Browning Pistol, 2 for your SA80, 3 for Minimi, 4 for GPMG, 5 for Sniper Rifle, 6 for Mortar, 7 for anti tank weapon and 0 to whip out your combat knife.
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    On the basis that this isn't a wah, there are a few places that you can learn to work an AK. One is ITC(C) who trains up the short term training teams going overseas, who may require to teach it.

    The easiest way to use an AK is to pick it up and use it. Simplest weapon out. Mag on and spray. Had great fun at the end of the first Gulf conflict using up mags of green tracer. No lessons required.
  6. No i think he has a valid point, also how come when you are killed you don't just respawn, or if you are seriously injured you can't take a pill that will give you upto 50% health back.

    I think the military should look into some of these suggestions.

    Switch off sarcasm mode................... sarcasm mode switched off.

    But to satisfy his curiosity, everytime i have been sent on tour we have had a lesson on how to use an AK47
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  10. Ah Yes...

    The old "Foreign Weapon Shoot" question!

    Mocking apart... there is a serious point here...

    Come, explain to us all ye gods of the Skill at Arms (Folding and Tapping of Foot..) Corps, why this has been to all intents and purposes shut down unless conducted by your own fair hands? (and then badly...)

    Why is it that before allowing troops to use such a sophisticated weapon, they have to specially trained and examined by a specialised instructor who apparantly has to be SASC. Furthermore that the weapons have to be fully examined by an armourer EACH TIME they are used? Doesn't seem to stop them in Darfur!

    In practice, unless you are THEM, there is little chance you will be able to use foreign weapons unless you break the rules...!

    Not impressed.. frankly any small arms instructor should be able to be cleared on the standard range of common foreign weapons (AK, AR, HK etc). They are all pretty much the same, and as long as you follow the basic rules (i.e. Mag off & clear the weapon etc) are as safe/dangerous as each other. IMHO any professional soldier over the rank of Cpl should be familiar with common foreign weapons.

    As for inspections, yes by all means the weapons need to be inspected for fitness to fire when first obtained, but then should be subject to periodic inspection like anything else...

    By "Elf 'n Safetying" foreign weapon shooting out of existence, which is what has happened, we are reducing the technical competence of the Army and increasing the chances of somebody doing really stupid things with captured weapons in the field...

    (i.e. the Kajaki Dam RPG range...!)
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    Oh, ok, time to do some real work ... before I go, just in case that wasn't a wah, AK is easy to use as stated and even my mum has probably heard how reliable they are. But watch out for accuracy — they tend to climb fast (aim for the knees!)
  13. I don't need to be able to fire an AK, mainly cos I'm a civvie now but partially 'cos I can shoot laser death rays from my eyes when I'm enraged...
  14. No choice, my helmet tips forward when in the prone position and i would have to wait till they were that close to even see them.
  15. Tell me what dissertation means and i will try help you out :D