Do we do Burma?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by In-Limbo, Sep 25, 2007.

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    If it all goes Pete Tong for the monks, do we do the Forgotten War Mk II?

    Hot off the press tonight, America are moving for fresh sanctions, while the Generals who've had that country by the nuts for 40 years are ordering their soldiers to shave their heads so that they can do a nasty on the monks... last time it went down: 3000 to nil, on the death count.

    Roll out the Anzacs, while we poke the South Africans to tag team against Doc Rob Nut-Job in Rhodesia? .... OR... do nowt, not or beef?
  2. Have they got any oil?
  3. Errrrr....... Yes!!! ;)
  4. Dry out the jungle kit!
  5. That's the spirit!!!

    Wonder what Mr Pun (VC) would suggest...
  6. I reckon the lesson from Iraqistan is to do one thing at a time.
  7. If we invade (hahahaha!) please will someone remind the int guys that the capital is now Naypyidaw so they need to head oooop north to get the chief bad guys!
  8. ROFL!!! Oh Dozy my sweets, first in there for command 'n control, top girl... X :D
  9. Come on... It's the Anzacs turn ;)

    They can turn up with a few tinny's 'n shrimps for the barby!
  10. If it's the ANZACS, then yes why not--thought you meant the Brits. Those monks look like they might need some help if it gets shooty.
  11. ANZACS = Brits oversea's... lucky cnuts.

    Those monks do indeed need a hand if it all turns shirty.
  12. Will Don Estelle be singing with the R.A concert party, then?
  13. Oh i'm sure he'll be there in spirit ;)
  14. I'll go with her to act as the forward movements party come force protection :thumleft:
  15. If Dozy is going - it should be a good party. I'm off to the attic to find my jungle boots.