Do we belive that UK troops could do this?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Jul 28, 2004.

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  1. Or more correctly, if what is being reported is true then how on earth did a British Army unit get into such an undisiplined state?
    I know that the incedents have been posted about before, but I still think that this is a stitch up job by disgruntled Iraqis.
  2. I find it extremely hard to believe that anything on this scale could take place without repercussions from on high.
    I think it's more to do with seeing how much compensation can be dragged out of the UK rather than a serious problem within the army.
    Bruises from legal force during arrest dont earn anything but if the story suddenly changes to being beaten half to death in a darkened cell then that's much more profitable.

    Or maybe I'm just too cynical.
  3. It's also about self-serving, publicity-seeking, slimy, left-wing, hand-wringing lawyers like Phil Shiner, out to earn a fast buck and kudos from Grauniad readers.
  4. I find it hard to see how you can try someone under european legislation
    ina british court about crimes which hapened in Iraq.
    Guess the tax payer is paying for this travesty .
    I 'm sure British troops could behave like this if they were let of the leash what were the sncos and officers doing when these abuses were supposed to be happening ?
  5. spot on.
  6. I find it all very far fetched and i wonder if the Iraqis have been vetted properly. My guess is that the ambulance chasing lawyers took the stories at face value and were naive enough to believe them.

    Oh trip to London, stay in a plush motel, free meals, chance to moan to someone important etc at the taxpayers expense, I'd tell'em whatever they wanted to hear as well.
  7. I bet the feckers don't go home when the case concludes either.....
  8. Maybe Bernoulli would be kind enough to find some more space in his pit.......problem solved. :twisted:
  9. Well, you guys are simply living in a dream world. They DO torture iraqi prisoners, they DO shoot random dogs/cats/chickens/goats and they do rape iraqi women. Wake up you stupid tossers. Some grunts are not as nice as you guys, some of them are heartless, shameless, angry ******* with no life other than the army. Wake up ffs. Thick people + guns, power and authority = problems.

    I'm not a 'lefty' by any means. But i've seen some things and been told some things that I have no reason to disbelieve. Things that I believe most reasonable people would find unacceptable.

    Just because you have some allegiance with these guys does not mean you should brush aside or disbelieve the reports with a cinical view that 'lefty' lawyers are out to make a name or money.

    Small minded ignorant tossers, the lot of you.
  10. Either post some proof, or wind your neck in. Just because you get a hard-on every time you are given some responsibility doesn't mean everyone else is as weak as you.

    So.... proof, or look like a real prat. (That's first hand proof, not what a bloke down the pub told you he heard.... if you are old enough to go to the pub?)
  11. I find you and your unjustified statements highly offensive.

    Please let me know when you were in theatre actually witnessingthis sort of event.

    dreams or memories from halluciagenics are not allowed
  12. Your attempts at a comeback are little more than playground banter. Why you asking how old I am, why are you unjustly incinuating that I take drugs or made this up whilst hallucinating? There is no need to have served to know what happens based on witness accounts. My God, i love the way you guys always try to evade the answer with that little gem.

    What I am trying to get you guys to accept is that this kind of thing DOES go on. IT DOES, read it you small minded *******, IT DOES. The sooner you guys realise it and try and get the inner culture of the armed forces changed the better.

    I just saw a clip from your sig Disco. "Die raghead die". Ok so this is supposed to be funny, but I have no doubts what-so-ever that 'raghead' is the only word used to describe our middle-eastern brothers. Actually, what am I thinking, raghead is probably one of many degrading terms used. You right-wing, small minded *******.
  13. Letka, if you are a journo, which I doubt, you are working for some free weekly newssheet dropped onto carpets like unwelcome catsh!t. Now, if you REALLY want some investigative journalism, get your “Respect” T shirt on, pick up your notebook & pen and go out Tikrit and explain who you are and request an interview with the disgruntled locals.

    Soon afterwards we will see you with a blindfold on Al Jazeera in a grainy video, the next time we will see you (or at least most of you) will be beneath a bridge in Bagdad & your head will be found some weeks later in someone’s fridge.

    It is not a Guardian cheese & wine party out there, grow up & stop making an ARSSE of yourself.

    Go watch Fox TV & get the rush ………..
  14. Okay..... you accuse us of 'school boy banter'. You say that this sort of thing does go on. You say there are witness accounts.

    But you offer no proof. You cannot identify your sorces. You cannot confirm that you have been in Iraq to say you have witnessed these events yourself.

    Not a very good set of arguments on your part. May I suggest that to say that something happens, not offering any coroberation and then calling my argument 'school boy banter' is just about as childish as it gets.

    I say again. Offer some proof..... or look even sillier than you do now.
  15. Lekta wrote

    Erm.we have to account for every round fired......ever heard of a shot rep? And finally although i do doubt it ...have you ever seen a Iraqi woman without a male member of the family nearby? need to get out more....perhaps you could go on a fact finding visit to Fallujah :D