Do U.S. armed forces have the best guns money can buy?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Oct 12, 2009.

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  2. im too tired to have a long drawn out argument but just to be a dick il point out that the afore mentioned m4 is a rifle not a gun as suggested by the thread title :wink:
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Do you reckon they kept them as clean as our lot do?
  4. Can a lot of the problems be attributed to bad drills/weapon cleaning?
  5. In the article most of the problems seemed to be from overheating, and during such a long fight with thousands of rounds being fired of course there are going to be problems.
  6. Must have been a Freudian slip.

    "This is my rifle, this is my gun..etc." :lol:

    By the way, Russian makers of AK (the famous Kalashnikov) Izhmash might be going bankrupt.

    The Curse Of The AK-47

    October 3, 2009: The Russian firm Izhmash (Izhevsk Mechanical Works) holds the patents for the AK-47, and it is going broke because of all the illegal copies of its weapons being produced worldwide. Izhmash is having little success in trying to force companies in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Israel, China and the United States to pay licensing fees for the AK-47s they produce.
  7. Now that our SA80 Mk 2's are being sorted out by H&K, maybe we have the better weapons?!!! ;)
  8. I don't think the standard issue weapons in any army are likely to be described as "the best that money can buy."
  9. Not even after ours have been "Cosworthed" by H&K?! lol!

    Always made by the lowest bidder, and even then have to be shipped off abroad rather than fixed in our own factories!
  10. Our L85/86 are not really "the best that money can buy" even if they've had a fcking fortune spent on them and now work.

    That said, I would venture that in its class the GPMG is "the best money can buy"...
  11. I heard a few years ago that the yanks were to get "The Rifle 556" "to work alongside coalition forces better". Since they still dont use it and have stuck to the incredibly sh1te M16 I was right in assuming it was all balls. It should've been a giveaway that an american told me this...... bullsh1tter!
  12. In the main most armies are equipped with the most 'politically' acceptable and cheapest!Is it any wonder they fail?It would seem it is only good drills and discipline that make the difference.I am always amazed at the British Army's ability to make do anyway and still complete the mission.
  13. I always thought the Russians got it right, find a good design and slowly improve it.
  14. ISTR (and JJH/others may well correct me) that there was a lot of pork barrel skulduggery about the trials for the yanks main infantry weapon a year or so ago; i.e. the trials were organised in a skewed way to allow continued production of M16/M4. One of the critisicms is that field conditions were factored out of the trails..
  15. how the feck has that transpired, i thought there was a ak for every 4th person in the world currently in circulation