Do troops on security have to have an SIA licence

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by loski, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. I work as a security officer and by law if I want to work I am required to pay out for a SIA licence have the troops pulled in to provide security at the Olympics to make up for G4S's shortfall require an SIA licence if so who is paying the SIA fees the troops, G4S or our beloved govt just wondering
  2. I find it hard to believe two weeks before the Olympics it would be possible to get 3500 SIA licences through. To be honest I doubt that apart from the Navy lads troops have much experience fire fighting when the fireman go on strike either.
  3. As you are a security officer , that is the minimum form of training/registration you require. As most people in HM Forces (except RAF) do longer than 4 days training then they don't have to do SIA . If they did , you would pay for it out of your taxes .
  4. Yeh I know its just that if I try and work with out a licence i get fined but when it suits the govt can change the rules to suit them the rules should apply to every one no exceplions oh an BTW the SIA training course is as much use as a chocolate fireguard where do you mupets think I received my training HM forces
  5. Are you for real?
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  6. Yeah but then they would have to cancel the Olympics and that's just not going to happen is it?

    I dont know if you know much about the military but security is kind of what we do?
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  7. Troops don't work for the security industry, they serve the crown and in the main will have more idea about security than someone employed by G4S.

    They will be paid for by HMG. Hopefully HMG will get their money back from G4S and give the troops a bonus, they cant have spent it all, can they??
  8. Be fair if hes from the place in his avatar, hes done well typing his post with his sheep shit stain fingers.
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  9. No, members of the armed forces do not need to purchase an SIA licence. You ******* tool.
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  10. you just stop asking awkward questions and raise that barrier.

    why does it have to be us why us?

    because were here lad nobody else just us.
  11. Just curious but who do you work for as SO
  12. You see that gay magic wand metal detector you see fat pony tailed bouncers waving over some jail bait drinkers mini skirted clunge before he lets them into Jumping Jacks for some alcopops and dance floor frottage in exchange for a nosh round by the bottle bins?

    Well the forces have to do the same but they actually have to search for real stuff like suicide vests and weapons in places where everyone really does want to kill you.

    None of them will gob you off in exchange for free entry either...well some of the ANP might do but thats a different story all together.
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  13. The government is in charge of security, the army works for the government so no license needed.
    If you work in say Tesco/Asda in their security dept. You don't need a license as you are "In House" and are regulated by their in house rules.
    But if you work for an agency who provides security such as G4S/Chubb/ISS you need a license as you are a "Third party" and are accountable to the SIA.
  14. Actually according to my mate, they will be issued temporary badges for purposes of the Olympics. Then because of helping out at short notice they will be given full badges after the Olympics. Its a ******* scandal if you ask me, no one is vetting them or CRB checking them . These so called soldiers will be stealing jobs off decent security guards/doormen when they are really qualified for **** all!! Its one law for them ..... We're all going to hell in a handcart. Mind how you go etc etc
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  15. H3

    H3 LE

    NCP possibly !!