Do trainees learn to fire a weapon at army basic?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by danny842003, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. Recently (well about 6 weeks ago) i was on a course at SEME Bordon. And a lecturer (very old and bold ex army) who will remain nameless was telling me and the rest of the class that trainees no longer learn how to fire a weapon in basic.

    Now im a mateloet so i have no idea if this is true or not. Im guessing he is talking out of his hat.

    He also said that a woman can not be made to fire a weapon. Again this seems very unlikely.

    Just wondered if there was any truth to this at all.
  2. You have met codename:

    "Whiskey - Alpha - Lima - Tango" - Over!
  3. [Anti Wah ]
    What a crock of shit
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  4. Like i said the guy is living in a world of his own. And will not be told by anyone. But nhe deffinatly said this and he wasnt trying to have us on. In his own head this made perfect sense.
  5. was he in the sally army?
  6. Yes. A potential soldier can now do all his basic training before being sent to his regiment and possibly after a while to war, without actually firing his weapon, nor doing an APWT, nor any fieldcraft training, nor anything else which requires the weapon to be fired :roll:

    Does that sound right to you?
  7. Ye we gave up that marching shite as well and as for saluting fu ck ing forget that.
  8. You have met one of the men that makes SEME legendary. Always right, unwilling to listen to reason, will argue that red is blue no matter how many people disagree.

    Usually ex ASM's they will remind you of this several times a day and quite often have a total unwillingness to acknowledge things may have moved on since 1978 when they got out.

  10. what were you doing at SEME? why were you not at sultan?

    these types of guys need to start using their cheeseboxes to realise that the young lads now are still doing the business.
  11. The women bit might hark back to the days of the WRAC. When they were (and this is going back a LONG way) unarmed and weren´t really taught much to do with fighting and such like.

    As for the bit about the not learning to shoot... ?

    I can only assume that some part of training from "his" day has now been removed and he feels that this omission is some sort of watering down of standards.

    Or he doesn´t consider 5.56mm to be a weapon, in comparison to the 3 shots a minute he used to get out of his Baker Rifle.
  12. Believe it or not, was actually told to do that once years ago.
  13. Well we do at sea lol.

    I asked this question already knowing the answer. Just wanted to check.

    It is not a waaahhhh. He really did beleve this as he said it.
  14. Same here :oops:
  15. It does if you're in the RLC ;)