Do todays footballers get paid too much?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Norfolknchance, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Ben Parkinson gets £152,500 for his appalling injuries. Ronaldinho is expected to sign for Chelsea for brazilians of quid and "earn" each and every week probably about as much as young Ben is getting for the rest of his life.

    Is that justice? In my opinion it is not! Footballers may be talented individuals but when they are held up by the press and media as so called "heroes" and cash is thrown at them, the poor deluded kunts think they are heroes. OK, Lampard, Terry, Cole (all of them), get your uniforms on, get into a shellscrape and let's find out how much you are really worth. £100,000 a week, I fukin' think not son!

    And another thing, you should be accompanied by the very politicians who are sending our guys over there to fight 2 bloody wars in which we should not be involved.

    By the way, I've got nowt against Chelsea. Even below average players are on £60,000 a year and this rant could be applied equally to any professional football club.

    I'll get mahat.
  2. Beckham will be erning more in a month than i do in 5 years for kicking an air filled cows arse round the field for 90 mins. i on the other hand stand in the firing line to protect queen and country and get spat on
    justice???? i think not
  3. Get every 'Professional' Dancer, sorry Footballer, to donate 1 months salary to Charity and see how soon they all start complaining.....

    I think there was a programme on about a Nurse trying to get something similar but never saw it.....
  4. Is Tony Bliar a somplete and total tw@???

    eddited to add a complete one too
  5. yes he was and so is gordon brown
  6. Regardless of how much i get paid, i would not give up a whole months worth of wages.

    I pay my percentages to charities, i give as much as i can afford.

    Because someone earns more, we should expect them to give up a twelth of their yearly earnings? Certainly raise their awareness, and ask of them to donate what they could.
  7. the fact still remains they get paid far too much
  8. Yes. They are overpaid for playing sport. Their should be caps on their earnings, I believe. But this is just my opinion.
  9. Ah good, it's not just me then!
  10. Not one of us on this site (apart from a very few old and bold) were conscripted. We all chose to take a job earning what soldiers earn. If the Army offered you £100,00 a week would you take it? Of course you fecking would so why shouldn't a footballer if it's offered?
  11. because they are offered too much to behave like twats and try to get away with it stating they represent this country.
    i bhave like a twat representing this country and i get no leaway (not that i have) i have done a dam site more than them for england and im not even english
  12. Acting like a tw*t and then claimed to be representing the country? Who, when and what did he do?

    When did you get conscripted into the Army? Or did you willfully join and take the pay offered?

    They happen to have a talent that someone is willing to pay £100,000 a week for. We don't. Live with it.

    I don't like how money dominates the game or how much footballers are paid, but I wouldn't turn it down if it was offered to me and anyone who says they would is a liar.
  13. No, I'm not against the footballers, I'm against the amount they're paid for punting a ball around - they really do get a good life out of it (stay fit and healthy, get to play a game, FFS!) so I don't think it's too much to ask for a cap to an annual salary of £100-200,000 annually? It's a bloody brill salary that they wouldn't get anywhere else, and still far far below what they get now!
  14. i wouldnt turn it down either but i have the talent to keep alive and the rest of my section, i put my life on the line for what i get paid and im happy but i dont think they should get paid that much for kicking a cows arse round a field so people who take their freedom and indipendance for granted can throw all their hard earned cash at them