Do thy still pay out 5 and 8year commitment bonus'?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by blockorphan, May 21, 2011.

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  1. I signed my 8yr bonus a couple of weeks ago, my clerk says there is no way to see if its being processed untill the it shows up on my slip, someone then told me he had heard the all paying of commitment bonus' had been stopped in april. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  2. bollocks lol.

    Log onto JPA , and click commitment bonus, if the paperwork has been recieved by JPAC it will show the payment being made in that section of JPA.

    You could also ring JPAC to find out if your application has been processed.

    If JPAC recieved your application before 1900hrs 19/05/2011 your bonus would have been paid and you can expect to see the cash on Tuesday. If your unit hasnt forwarded the paperwork yet then you will not see any money untill a few days after the 16th June.
  3. Cheers, that's mega helpful. Hopefully next weekend should be a good one......
  4. Could anyone tell me how much you get for your 8 year money? Trying to budget for a mortgage here. Cheers
  5. Mine was about £4.5k after tax if I remember correctly, which I probably don't
  6. If you joined up before 2004 it will be £5000 - PAYE/NI = £3800 APPROX.
  7. Hmmm I joined before then but received the new £5500 bonus for my five year money so will receive around £2500/3000 for my eight year - can't remember the exact figure..
  8. My Colour service started May 2003, i got 5k which was 3.1k after Tax, I'm pretty sure thats too much tax!!
  9. cheers guys. Seems like the tax man gets his dirty hands on a fair whack of it....dirty bastard. Dont know how they can justify it...Im sure the bankers and politicians dont have to give nearly 50% of any bonus they get.
  10. **** me!! that's gone up a fair bit. It was £2000 when I was in!!!