do those argos pull-up bars work for lanky folk?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by abcdefghijklmnop, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. so I'm getting pretty sick of the stares I get hanging about the kids playpark using the monkey bars to do a few heaves (probably doesnt help that I have no pants on but still :) ) so I'm wondering if it's worth investing in one of those bars? I'm tall, and live in a normal house with like...7' doors, so my question is would I be putting myself at a disadvantage by wasting energy keeping my legs tucked in or polking out - when I need all the help I can get for my far-from-massive arms.
  2. What, are you trying to set a personal best in your house, or impress your dear old Ma?

    If you expend energy by holding your legs off the ground, regard it as bonus training. And bear in mind that you may have to hold your feet up in training, as they aren't going to set the bar miles high, as not all recruits are freaks!

    Thats just assuming you're joining up of course :oops:

    If you're already in, good Wah! :x
  3. Yes they are good training for tall (low dorway disadvantaged) people.

    As has been said above, the extra conditioning is a bonus and the bars from argods are a lot harder to use than the beams in the gym which means you do more in your test than you do at home, the first time you do it is a great suprise!

  4. Almost everyone can touch the top of a door so you're not the only one who's feet would touch the ground from a normal pull-up bar. It's not normally a problem, just bend your knees. If you're completely freakishly tall (ie even when kneeling you can still touch the top of your door), then you'll have to think of something else.

    I'd keep your legs tucked in if I were you. The polka pull-up is advanced stuff, PTIs only.
  5. lol, ah didn't take long for that inimitable arrse wit to surface!

    thanks guys. I'm nothing too freaky - 190cm - and yeah I'm doing pre-RSC training. I will do the old tuckunder .

    also, what are the chances of a You've Been Framed-esque fall because of the bar slipping? Or does that only happen when you don't set it up right? I've never seen one set up so sorry for the retarded question
  6. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy freestanding pull up bars? I guess with some sort of metal frame. The reason is that my house is a modern one and will collapse if I tried using a pull up bar attached to a door frame, and I can leave it in the garden.

    (This is a serious question...honest!)
  7. yeah its defo worth investin in 1

    i found it a lot easier on the beam at RSC... more support
  8. Just a quick one, Im fairly tall about 6ft2, when I went in to do my 'heaves to the beam' test at the RSC, my feet were touching the ground while I was on the beam, the PTI then made me hang there for ten seconds with my feet crossed up and under neath me while the other sprogs go onto the beam!, a bit unfair I thought, so just be aware of that. Good Luck!
  9. My gaff's brand spankers and all lined with plasterboard and my chin up bar's ok in the door frame, the first time I was a bit nervous but it's fine!!

    Although having given advice the advice is used at the reader risk, no liability will be held agaist wedgy for any accident, damage or personal injury!!
  10. Yep try this power bar
  11. or...try bending your knees so ya feet by ya arrse...
    never failed for me lol....
  12. The Argos bars don't slip as they come with a nice cup to screw into the frame. Neve managed to pull a wall down yet but do prefer to use a doorframe in a brick wall.

    One advantage of getting a chinny bar is that you can hang your ironing on it :p
  13. I have a pull-up bar (one of those 'extendable-screw-type' ones, purchased at Argods hehe), and I've owned it for around 4 years now. It's even managed to accompany me over 2 moves (3 units) and is still going strong, although it is a little 'bowed' (maybe I'm eating too much in the Mess). As long as you 'bend your knees not your back' during training you'll be fine. Be aware of the fact that it may try to 'unscrew' itself from time to time, which could possible result in a "You've Been Framed" type scenario, as previously mentioned. But only if you're being weird and videoing yourself at the time, that is. Good luck in your pursuit of all things 'pull-up'.
  14. yeah, i got the same as these lads, argos all the way!

    i'm a lanky cnut, 6"4--just lift your heels to right angle and everything will be fine(bit harder mind)
  15. Hey all,

    As Armed_and_dangerous said the powerbar is great. I have had mine for about 5 weeks, when i got it i could lift myself of the ground about 3 inches lol. But now i can do the top bar. it is worth investing in only about £30.

    Good luck to all.


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