do they test you for drugs before entering??

My understanding is an absoloute yes.

They will also test you for E. And both types of E at that.

Cannabis will leave your system at the quickest - 30 days after use.

Can I just put over one point though?

The idea of someone serving alongside my family member that is a drug user leaves me rather uneasy. Whether it be coming in to work hungover and unable, or if it be on a comedown from what ever drug of choice used at the weekend. I know there are a lot of other people that would feel the same.

Are sure this is the right career for you?
They may not peform CDT on entry, however if you ever served beside me and took drugs I personally would not trust you within an inch of your drug ridden life.

If you take drugs the forces is not the right career choice for you. I suggest McDonalds or Pizza Hut.



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"Do they test you for drugs before entering?"

No pal, they go in dry.
AlexJ - CDT happens at all levels of the Army and at random.

Having recently done a few entry medicals for people anyone who tells me they've been using (or, bless their cotton socks for honesty, still are using) gets a serious deferral (at best) from me.

If you were one of my medics and I caught wind of the fact that you were using anything at all I'd be extremely - and I mean EXTREMELY - hacked off and would be making sure that things were made interesting for you.
alexj123 said:
im 16 i dont even smoke it that much, i dnt take ez, crack, coke or any s*** like that, career seems gr8 for me in the army tbh
It might help to learn English (both spelling and grammar). I wouldn't want you on my section - I concur with the opinions of petite_butsweet and fastmedic, as I am sure many others would.
The simple answer is NO. The urine test on your entry is to test for Protein,sugar levels etc NOT drugs.

However I suggest that you dont take drugs at all.
Alex -you may not take it "that much" but if you have a inclination toward any type of schizophrenia, depression or other type of mental health problem you may have induced what would never have happened or happneded with much less aggression at a later stage, eg: a bout of depression, paranoid schizophrenic episode, psychosis.

If you have been smoking skunk, you will have a one in three chance of inducing psychosis.

So there you have it - your a bit of numpty for doing it and you need to keep the feck away from it especially if you have family member with even mild mental health problems as this significantly raises your chances too.

Well done for deciding to get the feck out of that life and I am sure although lots of us could quite easily give you a sharp kick up the arrse for being a muppet would like to hear if you keep yourself in order and get on in the army.

But just remember, it's not a game. You are responsible for the lives of your fellow soldiers and that is someones son, possibly dad, husband etc. If you fcuk up due to going on a bender on the Friday night etc you will have some serious shit.

So maybe you should ask yourself why you use cannabis and what will you do instead of it...... and are you really the right kind of person for people to be trusting with their safety.....?
i think i am the right sort, im a reliable person i'd say. ive been doing more fitness and sports to keep my mind of canabis, eating alot more aswell.
Well sweetie you have come on here asking, so you can't blame the guys and those of us with loved ones serving to challenge you.

I think you seem to want to get away from that life and well done, maybe the sooner you get to the careers office the better. After all the chaps I know down at ours are really down to earth and will just ask you the question outright so you can talk it through and begin getting things underway. The longer you mooch about in your life the quicker it slips through your fingers. So get off the PC and go and see them.............

But remember that feisty little attitude has no place in the army, so just be aware of how you come across. Let us know how you get on.
rockape34 said:
alexj123 said:
i think i am the right sort, im a reliable person i'd say. ive been doing more fitness and sports to keep my mind of canabis, eating alot more aswell.
Reliable and cannabis in the same sentence ... somewhat of an oxymoron.
Is this a Wah?
Talk about hypocritical! There were no drug tests when I was in the British Army and because I didn't drink, I used to get stoned off-duty and at the weekends, while all the rest were getting legless.

However, one thing I never did was to knock up a spliff when anything dramatic was going down. That was quite in contrast to a lot of the others who'd go out up the sharp end with plentiful supplies of alc - and that included an alarmingly high number of SNCOs! They even used to rock up for Quick Trains completely fückin' Brahms.

So it seems that being Brahms is OK, but being stoned isn't. Have I understood that right? Double standards anyone?


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