Do They Still Issue

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. Hexamine stoves and Spangles. Haven't seen either since time began.
  2. i was given a hexi stove just this Friday....will post to you for £10 postage included, go on you know you want one
  3. Typical of a Gunner to want to sell something he was given on Friday the 13th. :D
  4. ok then, i can get you 2 for £15. last offer
  5. Reminds me of a conversation I had at Nice Airport with a pretty young French swollower. My son was returning his hire car and he asked me to hold onto his phone. I promptly offered to sell it to the pretty French whore, slut, babe... she asked: "Is it stolen?" "Not yet." I replied.

  6. I'll send you 3 with a £10 note.

    Haggle if you want, it's expected.
  7. See that's looking better already.. any offers over the 3 with a tenner ladies and gents?

    E.g: 2 with a tenner.

    Or 2 with a tenner and 15 giant size boxes of matches to light the fekkin things.
  8. Stoves and hexi blocks are still available. If you are missing your spangles try here and want a trip down memory lane:

    Don't do Spanish Gold though. Is it just me that remembers it?
  9. Any truth that the Hexi stove was first isued to the BEF in 1940, and has remained the same ever since?

    It must have been considered revolutionary at the time. But I would have thought their would have been a shortage later in the war because isnt hexi (in certain forms) an explosive or used to produce explosives?
  10. I remember it too. Used to be a dingy tiny little sweet shop on the way to primary school, and a little indian guy ran it, and sold every type of confectionery you can imagine, usually of the loose, individual or in jars type. If I had the dosh, I'd have spanish gold for breakfast, monster munch for lunch and a sherbet dip for tea.
  11. And diabetes by nightfall??
  12. I'll swap you a hexy cooker for a toggle rope.
  13. I cant imagine 'THEY' have used hexi's since the 40's (if ever)...they are hardly tactical are they, you can smell them and the matches from about 4k's away!