Do they really listen to pref postings

have a geuss what trade maj b used to be . your not going to believe this but he was a medic who is now posting vm,s !
I suggest you wake up, sleeper, you're so far off target you're not even on the same range. I sugget you read some Ian Fleming or watch a few films based on his books if you want to know me.
major B

may i say sir that you are a fibber and not the real Mcoy

espec as you mentioned that you were were into DOC within your career
Just coming to the end of a course from which you get posted, records sent down a list of the posts that where available. Although it was a good insight, it caused arguments as to who got the one good posting out the crop :?
It's easy, as per us old ones courses, He whoever comes top get's 1st choice and so the sh1t posting tumble down from there
I have experienced the sh1te from the 2 desk officers for years, but have on the odd occasion got exactly what I wanted :D

I have also just been absolutely gobsmacked when, on talking to the VM desk officer to ask for one of my seniors' last 6 months to be near his house, found he was very helpful, willing to talk and eventually made it so 8O

Needless to say, one very happy SNCO and an absolutely shocked & stunned me 8O

By the way, he is not retiring anytime soon from what I have heard.
I will try to confirm/deny reports of his imminent retirement.

However, I have to defend the man - every time I have spoken to him to try to arrange postings, get info etc, he has been totally helpful. The secret (well, not now) is to let him say his piece, then get on with what you would like. It also helps to have a range of options available to assist - a little bit of horsetrading?

We are never going to get what we really want, having signed on the line. However, if you have a degree of realism about your preferences, do a little research, then you may be in a better position.

It also helps if you put in a posting pref in the first place.....some of my lads didn't, despite being told time and time again to put them in.
Excellent!! nice to see things haven't changed...

In my day ('82-'92) good old Saffron Road, leicester (i think, possibly the memory has faded!) was the location of REME manning & records.

As a class 3 tels tech asked for UK, UK, UK (anywhere!). Got Minden, 20 Elect Wksp, f*cking cr*p!!.

After class 1 asked for UK, UK, UK (again anywhere! - top of the course as well!). Got 7 Armd Wksp, Fally. Result, 9 years and out the door, good bloody riddance!!.

Now live in own house, UK of course, but travel the world in the oil industry - jobs a good 'un!!
Enjoy the air miles! Glad things have worked out, even if you needed to be a civvy to have your own life back!

Can confirm that the medical one is still alive and well in Glasgow, and on good form!

Must be some dodgy postings going on!!!!! JOKE!

Interesting thing about the whole creation of MCM Div - it has taken at least 6-7 years since the move to Glasgow for them to re-build their knowledge and experience base. Our lot are a damn sight better swept up than some of the others though.
Like I said, they can't alway fulfil your requests, but keep pluggin away and asking for canada - you never know, it may come up. Had two people from my unit posting to Canada within 2 months of each other. Also helps if you are able to do things on short notice - you could put that in a pref posting.
I managed Canada, my boss phoned records and got me pencilled in, that was when we had a decent desk girl. 3 of us from one unit in 1 month, an ece, a stmn + a tiffy Veh. :lol:
Maj_Boothroyd said:
The t**t having a laugh is Maj(ret'd) <name removed>. It's no secret to any VM, most have sufffered his posting sense of humour at some point.

A VMB Sgt I worked with in Paderborn wanted anywhere JHQ/Elmpt coz he had a house in France and was moving his family into it. JHQ Being 3 hours from northern France was ideal.

He was told no postings for B Mechs in that area. He got 12 Regt RA, Sennelager and watched an A Mech go off to a B Mech job in Elmpt.

A Cfn that worked for me in Paderborn married a local German with her own house, he asked to stay in Paderborn/Sennelager, <name remeved> sent him to Maidstone! It's not like there isn't an Engineer unit in Paderborn. Several phonecalls and faxes from the PC were met with snotty replies from that callsign and the Cfn ended up having to go. <name removed> threatened him with QRs 9.260. "Refusal of a posting order may lead to administrative discharge"

he did manage to get the jhq posting 16 sigs
Yes, they've listened to my pref posting again and I've had my 2nd choice posting. So Far 7 postings all with one of my choices. REME MRO works if you put in pref postings. My advice is to phone units you are interested in and find out when vacancies are coming up. Then put in a pref for those units. Worked for me , or am I just a lucky B*stard
They can't post everyone to the north of England if the majority of REME posts are in the south ! And I would not want the job of posting 8000 REME tradesmen around the world - it is an impossible task since if you please one bloke you probably upset another. The retired officers in REME MCM work hard to fill units with the right individuals, make sure people's careers progress and include some element of variety, AND attempt to give everyone what they want. The job must be like herding cats ! All everyone can do is submit reasonable PPPs and, with a bit of luck and a following wind, when postings come around we'll all get something we have asked for.
still the fact is we get an input some dont im happy with the fact i can at least ask for what i want even though i might not get.

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