Do they really listen to pref postings

Discussion in 'REME' started by fullscrewrecy-mech, Jun 20, 2003.

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  1. with another 3 years done and a posting down south looming but why?with at least 5 pref postings put in all asking for the north of uk do they take any notice or do they end up in file 13!!!!
  2. Yep, file 13.

    Try reverse "pref posting" psycology, see if that works.
  3. Jul 03 Craftsman, Page 260, Guest Editorial by Col REME MCM Div.

    In the article it is stated that REME MCM Div staff will acknowledge receipt of Posting Pref Proforma (PPP) and will explain why if unable to comply with one of your options.

    If this has not happened ask why or, if you are not comfortable doing this, go through your chain of command and get them to ask why.



  4. I was at an MCM Div briefing last month where one of the desk officers explained that of all the pref postings received, over 3 quarters were for the north east of england. Obviously they couldn't grant all of them, and that there were only so many welfare cases that could be allocated to 5Bn or nearby units, hence most pref forms exclusively asking for these places were likely to get little success. MCM advice was to be less specific on the forms on the grounds that you were unlikely to get NE england anyway, so putting down a broader category such as UK 1st/2nd line as 2nd or 3rd choice would mean that you would be closer to where you really wanted, rather than being posted to BFG.

    See? Clear as mud! :)
  5. I'm waiting with baited breath for my Posting Order - all 3 choices were 'not UK' - 1st line, 2nd Line and any unit.  Looks like Catterick then! (Only joking Karen ;D)
    Seriously though, the Craftie article is very informative and appears to be right - ask and you'll get - as long as it is within the constraints that MCM work to.
  6. Well, after 20 years of Pref Postings and CR front cover aspirations I can honestly say that not one has even come close. I recently 'jumped through the hoop' again and nearly got within 1000 miles. Either they have one f*!cked up atlas at MCM Div or there is a genuine desire to f*!k people about. It would be one giant leap forward if they would even speak with you and give some notion of the 'big picture'. It is thoroughly demeaning to be treated this way and I believe that we are way behind the rest of the Services in this area (especially if you have the misfortune to be employed as a VM). I am a big boy now and well remember the contract that i signed and if I am to be posted swiftly due to Op requirements (again) why won't anybody speak to me about it and explain?? Absolutely amazing.
  7. :idea: I think for a pref posting to actually work you need to get in touch with records and find out what is available at the time you are due posting.

    Then, even if the actual post you would have liked is not available at least you have had a choice of the vacant posts. :?

    :!: Although with regards to the above, I put my last preference in from Iraq when I found out I had been picked up, with no idea with what was available. Karen God bless her socks got me exactly where I wanted. Just to quell any thoughts .... no I have never sent chocs or flowers to Glasgow!!! :roll:

    So maybe the system does work sometimes ......... dependant on where you want to go. :?:
  8. Yep, did that and was told to put the PPP in. They were not willing/able to discuss any options. :?
  9. Despite the many complaints about posting prefs, I have found that in the large majority of times, they have been able to satisfy most people. It won't help things that 19 Mech is going light, with a reduction in the size of REME formation in Catterick. So, if you thought it was hard to get a posting there now, just wait!

    Best hope they decide to start moving units back from Germany to occupy closing RAF bases up North, there may be some hope then.

    The secret to getting what you want is being prepared to be flexible. It is worth sometime accepting the crappy posting to Benebecula, on the proviso that next time, you get the unit next door to your mum's house!
  10. I quite agree with all that is being said. My original post on this forum was my recent experience with the posting system. It would appear that maybe I have just been unfortunate ( a few times) as I have not had the luxury of any prior communication with my desk to arrive at anything like a win/win situation. It would seem, due to the lack of any responses substantiating my claims, that I have just been unfortunate, oh well, I did sign on the line I suppose! :?
  11. Sometimes having prior knowledge helps mate, but please don't come looking for me if its still goes wrong!!! :?
  12. I've always got where I wanted to go, particularly if you think wisely about your 2nd and third choices. Putting Cyprus/Hong Kong/ Northern Ireland saw me into Antrim/Aldergrove for what I freely admit was the best 3 years of my career. though It did backfire once; putting any unit South-east England put me in 10 AB Wksp for 3 years. MRO replied "Aldershot's in the south-east of England isn't it?"

    They do also take notice of what's on the front cover of your CR as well. A Cpl that works with me was recommended for a "duty of care" post and has been posted to Bordon, albeit 13 months early.

    But with something like 5% of the Corps post being in Scotland/NE England you'r going to pushed getting there, realistically you're looking at 1 posting in a full career.
  13. A while back I was due to leave for my last posting at the same time as another vm sgt next door (3CS & 4GS Regt's Abingdon.) Both had been picked up. He asked to go up north or stay where he was. I asked to go down to the south coast. PO's came through at the same time. I was staying at Abingdon for my last tour and he was posted to marchwood :twisted:

    Luckily his oc had contacts at RMRO and got them swapped. I'm sure some tw@t was having a laugh at out expense :?
  14. The twat having a laugh is Maj(ret'd) <name removed>. It's no secret to any VM, most have sufffered his posting sense of humour at some point.

    A VMB Sgt I worked with in Paderborn wanted anywhere JHQ/Elmpt coz he had a house in France and was moving his family into it. JHQ Being 3 hours from northern France was ideal.

    He was told no postings for B Mechs in that area. He got 12 Regt RA, Sennelager and watched an A Mech go off to a B Mech job in Elmpt.

    A Cfn that worked for me in Paderborn married a local German with her own house, he asked to stay in Paderborn/Sennelager, <name remeved> sent him to Maidstone! It's not like there isn't an Engineer unit in Paderborn. Several phonecalls and faxes from the PC were met with snotty replies from that callsign and the Cfn ended up having to go. <name removed> threatened him with QRs 9.260. "Refusal of a posting order may lead to administrative discharge"
  15. On a previous issue with RMRO (maybe that's why I got shafted with the Abingdon posting) my oc had a letter from RMRO (some t**t who will remain nameless....but you've already mentioned him Maj B :wink: ) to the effect of "inform Sgt ******** that a posting order is just order, and not an invitation to discussion" t**t :twisted: