Do they put some thing in the drink?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FineX, Jun 23, 2005.

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  1. did anyone els have the unfortunit expirience of not geting that o so trusted morning glory during basic training.

    i had the grate fortun of being abel to do national service in the vaterland (thank you german goverment)

    wilst serving in this proud nations armd force we wer told a lovely story about how they put a hormon cald hangulin into the bevrages to stop male arousle.

    oviusaly this is compleat horsesh*t but i just thought it would be funny to hear you thougts on this mater.
  2. Once again but in English please :lol:
  3. ya sorry badly dislexic and rather bord at work
  4. So is your name really R2-D2 ? :D :D :D
  5. beeeeedeeeb that means ya but only on weekends
  6. Are you on about Bromine?? I have never woke up without a Good Salute from the little Fella!!!
  7. the actual theory behnd this is that your body is not used to getting up so early in th ebloody morning so you dont get a pre breky.
  8. bromide - I have seen discussion of this on some documentary or other..................... :?:
  9. When I was on my two weeks TAF2 course in Pirbright I was convinced that they put something in my food.
    For two weeks I couldn’t “stand to attention”, no matter how hard I tried. Every other chap on my course complained of the same problem.
    We had a stunning 18yr old girl on our course who used to come into our room at night in nothing but a tiny see through nighty, she was the best proof that something funny had been slipped in out food, normally anything with tits and a pulse gets me going, with her it was a no show. :(
  10. I heard about it in the Cook house years ago, I thought it was a wind up? True or not, it never worked, the countless times I stayed in my maggot that extra minute to avoid embarassment!!!
  11. that is odd cos every one i whent to basic with could get one iven if they had tryed to feck Pam Anderson.
  12. You jammy bas.tard! Please tell me she was DS!
  13. No she was a recruit like me.
    Very sexy, tight little arrse, perky tits, slim and fit. Half Philopeano and half English.
    I was painful to see her walking round in a tiny silk nighty, a few of the other girls used to walk into out room in nightys as well but she was the fittest.
    They used to tuck us in at night.
  14. I never thought the writings of Goku would turn me on. Now I need to decide whether to have a w.ank in the office bog or wait till I get home and shag the missus? The bog has it.