Do they have nuts at spar in ATR pirbright????????

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ohbugger2007, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. :? :? :? :? Need this magazine cany live without it :? :? :? :?
  2. Fcking grow up!
  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Why ared you trying to put your nuts in a mag?
    fcuking hurt when the working parts go forward. :twisted:
  4. Guess so can u not make do with zoo?
  5. Surely you have other things to worry about if not then your not taking it too seriously
  6. yea salted & dry roasted
  7. u going to start your basic?
  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Oh great!! I have just walked into a youth club.

  9. Or maybe FHM will do.
  10. THATS why basic went from 10 weeks to 14 weeks its not to give them longer to get fit , and get the training it, its to allow breaks to read magazines :lol:

    Can't your folks stick it in the post for you if you're that desperate, or are you thinking of a career change if you can't get it at pirbright? I can't remember being allowed to the Naafi for the first 4 to 6 weeks of basic for anything but boot polish and the odd mars bar to be inhaled before I left the front door of the shop (That said it was in 92 :( feck )
  11. look over there-----> chatrooms!
  12. Shite ur not aloud in the naffi for the first 4-6 weeks. Didn't fcuking no that!!!!!! Wot else can't u do, have or use to start with?
  13. re0790 , this was in 1992 I'm referring back to, I'm sure in the new caring , sharing, duvets and carpets , not bed blocks and bumpers army , that things have changed lots...

    I'm sure if you ask some of the more recent additions to the forces , or anyone whos an instructor at an ATR on here , they will be able to fill you in on what to expect a bit better, and 4 weeks is nothing , you will spend longer on exercise when you get to the real world with no naafi runs... :)

    enjoy :wink:
  14. Wot forum do u think i'll find some instructors in?
  15. :lol: they will probably find you ..... :twisted:

    If you see one and it says ATR Pirbright on his or her location, approach them and be nice and of course sensible, cos you might find they're your troop screw when you get to your ATR , and theyre probably better to listen to than someone fresh out of training trying to wind you up with horror stories .......

    take it easy :)