Do these really exist ?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mkorak, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. great isn't it. lots of hotties, and how do we represent? a navy bloke in shorts.
  2. The very sad fact of the matter CR is that, that was no bloke...............
  3. :roll:
  4. Some of them would look better on the muzzle end of the weapon however some of them would look alot better handling my weapon. ;-)
  5. Carl Gustav M45
  6. Note that the one with the bird sitting astride the bomb has had nearly a third more views then the rest. I wonder why.....!
  7. Ah Spain!


  8. Of course they do. Here's the British candidate.

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  9. Why no photo of a roll mat to some them all up?
  10. No they don't exist. This is just an example of the not so subtle lies you get throughout your career. British army femmes get issued Bedford 4 tonner arses on enlistment and are generally a bit ropey. Still would though.
  11. They're still a lot better than the wrens we've got it has to be said.
  12. Totally agree re. the cammo-clad hotties. (Harumph! Let's get all military & professional here, OK?) The weapon is a Carl Gustav 45 9mm SMG. Gotta be the oldest SMG still in front-line service.
  13. This aussie carrying more weight than most of our guys could handle!

    Buuuuuuuurp..............Brace yourself Sheila

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  14. Nah mate, Snags, Shrimps and a case of VB I reckon :thumright: