Do the Yanks speak the same language as us?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by msr, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    I have had a Braun handblender for many years (10 years?), and was pleased with its performance, until it finally lost its spunk last week. I bought this product yesterday as a replacement, and I must say I am very pleasantly surprised!

  2. Since moving to Blighty, I have run into problems with the word "spunk" before. (Note to self: never describe oneself as "spunky" to the Tankie's colleagues.)

    I have also been titillated, and then rapidly disappointed, upon finding out what the show "Flog It!" was really about.

    And if you want to be laughed at by pizzafaced 16-year-old ASDA workers, ask someone where the "restroom" is instead of the toilet.
  3. Am married to a SEPTIC and its a constant struggle to educate her lol
  4. never ask an american for a fag - unless you are that way inclined of course
  5. There's an industry legend in my biz to this effect: On the first day of a New York expat at her London office, she asked where her new supervisor was and was told he was outside blowing a fag. Cue phonecall to head office...
  6. When i was working in florida was asked where a colleague was without thinking "he is out having a fag " Didn't understand why they all collapsed in laughter :lol: .
  7. Heard of an Aussie getting into a fight in NY after walking up to a young couple in a bar, turning to the female and asker her if she had a spare fag.
  8. My mate moved to North Carolina when he was 15 and his worst moment was saying out loud (in a crowded locker room whilst half naked) "I'm dying for a fag!" 8O
  9. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    As to cigarettes I'm sure its not advisable to wander through the streets of the US (especially SF) trying to 'cadge' a cigarette with the phrase 'Excuse me, can I bum a fag?'

    regarding the same language, they use the same roman alphabet, even the same vocabluary (with odd spellings admittedly!!) but when it comes to intellectual processes we are as different as chalk and cheese, despite 60 years of Hollywood, Rock and Roll, Baseball caps, and bubblegum.

    see what I mean?
  10. Aussies are as bad. Invited to a party by a friend of a friend, I asked the dress code and was told: "Nothing fancy, we'll just be wearing the usual pants and thongs." :? 8O

    For those that don't speak Australian, that's trousers and flip-flop-type footwear.
  11. Beaune, Burgundy, having walked the cellar, sipping gently as you do with the neat (theres an American word) tastevin and having sampled about 30 wines. An American couple asked if I spoke French and could I help them with what the cellarman was saying.

    'I can't' says i 'I'm too pissed.

    They didn't ask me why I was angry, but you get the idea.
  12. I called someone a complete and utter twat once around here, and barely escaped with my life.

    Fanny is another questionable word, as is rubber.

    Almost a year into my Iraq tour, my guys still didn't understand everything I said.
    "All the TCs to my tank for a chinwag" "A what?!"

    "Hold up, three, I've got to lower my antennae" "Your what?" "My antennae" "You mean antennas?" "No, Antennae. A-E. Plural" "I call BS on that. We'll ask the English teacher. Four?" "Yes, three, it's true. Antennae is the old english plural" "Old English!? I still speak it!"

  13. There's a Brit pub in Santa Monica, CA - can't remember the name at the moment, long time since I was there (mid-80s) - where I spent many an interesting moment trying to explain to locals that 'faggots and peas' was a meal and not some sort of deviancy!
  14. My father in law doesnt understand "fill your boots mate"
    and you must be Australian if you say mate!
  15. and of course there is the Story of Richard Burton who, whilst shooting a Film scene in America, was told by the Director to "Pat her on the Fanny" ...which is exactly what he did....and received a slap on the Chops for doing so...In USAland a Woman`s Fanny is her Bum and not her front carpeting!