Do the Tories really support the Armed Forces?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PumPumSpy, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Liam Fox, speaking today at the Conservative party conference said "you are better off being a prisoner in the UK, than a soldier."

    Is that because prisoners don't get charged for handing back mattresses with urine stains?!
  2. Am trying to get in touch with my contact at the conference this week to see if she can ask the question directly...
  3. Lets face it they couldn't be any worse to the Services than this lot.
  4. The Tories will agree/support with anything which they believe will get them votes. The last time they were in, the decimated the Forces. Issues like poor accommodation were around then as well, but the Tories never did anything to improve the soldier's lot did they? It's flavour of the month just now and the Tories badly need votes or they will remain in the wilderness, so they are jumping on every bandwagon that passes.

    I can't stand Labour, but I trust Cameron's men even less. As for Liam Fox's speech. Shamefull exploitation of dead soldiers.
  5. So does that mean having to put up with the spinmeisters?
  6. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    There has not been a Government since the 1950s who gave a flying fcuk about the military.

    For those of you young and stupid enough to think that Queen Thatcher was better keep this in mind.

    During Thatcher's reign;

    The Army Catering Corp was effectivley removed and civillian caterers took over with their own rules such as " the door shuts at arguments; we don't care if you were on training, we shut at 17.30"

    The helicopter contract in the Falklands was handed over to British can only defend The Empire in office hours.

    The military hospital closure programme was introduced as "we lacked the expertise of the NHS" even though QEMH Woolwich dealt with the serious and difficult gunshot, facial cancer and trauma cases from all the South of England due to the expertise as well as the military team at musgrove Park in NI.

    The RCT was devastated and civillian drivers brought in who "worked to rule"

    The joke of the MDHU was brought about whereby the NHS knocked off in major cities at 17.30 on Friday and the Defence Medical Services had to treat the p1ssheads and their victims until 08.00 Monday as they don't get paid overtime.

    I could go on but what is the point.

    They all lie. If someone had the balls to execute everyone who had sought elected office in the last 50 years then there would probably be only a couple of dozen innocent victims of the purge.

    Politicians; You can tell when they are lying 'cos you can se their lips move.
  7. I don't recall much in the way of complaints during the Tory years (I left in 1990). Everyone seemed happy enough and new blocks were being built. Nobody saw the Wall coming down, and I suppose it was rather naive of the Major government to implement Options For Change in light of the (then) recent Gulf War. Would ANY government have maintained Cold War manning levels? Crystal balls are great aren't they? Thatcher and Major might have but the boot in on force reductions, amalgamations and redundancies, but Bliar jumped all over the forces' bollocks in lead boots - and dragged us in to more conflicts than the Tories ever did.
  8. Spot on.
  9. You left in 1990. People complained but the ethos within the Forces was different then. Christ, soldiers didn't vote then, they couldn't give a sh*te about politics as they weren't interested. A politician was a politician was a politician then. The only constant was that we didn't trust them then and we don't trust them now. In those days the military wasn't seen by politicians as a source of votes or as a tool to extract votes from the public, mainly due to the fact that what has been revealed about the Military today, existed then but was kept in house. Attitudes were different then. We certainly didn't have access to the internet and to sites like this where journo's of the different political persuasions could sum up the groundswell by merely logging on. There wasn't much in the way of media interest and the attitude of the populus was different. As for the Tories not sending the Military into these current conflicts, oh yes they would have. The only reason they didn't, is it wasn't within their gift to do so. None of them would have maintained the Cold War levels of manpower, but the Tories rid the Army of much of its experience and we have been paying the price ever since.

    There isn't a politician on the face of the earth who is a friend to the Forces, until it needs them to exercise a bit of foreign policy or there are points to be scored against political opponents in the form of votes. Look how Fox and his '128 word' statement? Vote catcher or what? Do you honestly think that the Tories will give a sh*te about the Forces if they get in?

    If there is one piece of sense which George Galloway said, it was that 'Blair and Cameron were just two cheeks of the same arrse'. Blair might be gone now, but I feel that Galloways statement could so very easily be extended to encapsulate both political parties.

    The Tories will be the Force friend until they get into power. Then they'll look for ways to save money.
  10. Exactly Biscuits.

    Who do You all think is going to pay for the Inheritance Tax cuts and loss of stamp duty?
  11. Naive is one word for Options fo Change - criminially irrisponsible is probabally closer to the truth. The purpose of Options for Change was to try to cover the huge deficit that the Major government had as a result of their failed economic policies.

    Don't forget, under Queen Maggie, the navy was run down DESPITE the Falklands War being on her watch. Major screwed up everything he touched - the majority of mine closures were under Major, the Armed Forces were decimated, the economy was cut to bits (Black Wednesday, anybody?), the disasterous Rail privitisation took place... shall I carry on?

    I am no lover of the current Labour administration, but please dont try to imply that the Conservative Party were the friends of the armed forces, that the trains ran on time, and everybody was better off. The only thing the Conservatives have going for them is that they can say that they have not been in power for 10 years. They had 18 years in power before that, and I don't think that they have a lot to crow about over their record then, especially the last 5 years of it.

    Liberal Democrats, anybody? :twisted:
  12. Flamingo said

    I'll vote for them !!!

  13. Oh hell, that's put me off them straight away! :D
  14. A man of conviction then :D
  15. Naw, convenience and opportunism mostly!