Do the Romances during training still go on?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by notnowbernard, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. And I am talking about the true love stories, gentlemen, not the purely sh*gging stories.

    At Ashford in the 80's, recruits were getting engaged all over the place, some even went on to marry!

    I reckon there was something in the Kent air. Does it still happen at Chicksands?
  2. So much for 'Military Intelligence'!
  3. Ah, the good old "Int Corps breeding programme". Two of my basic squad (112) got married and are still together, similar relationships blossommed at Loughborough during long language training and then there was always the upgrader/trainee combination which is how I came to be married to a member of a squad whose photo is a bit further along the wall at Chix. I doubt the current batch of Corps hormones are any less rampant.
  4. they do ındeed stıll happen!
  5. in one squad over the period of eight months in 90-91, we had the following "romances" as you call them*:

    girl A got engaged to bloke X
    girl B got engaged to bloke Y
    girl A got engaged to bloke Y
    girl B got engaged to bloke X

    none of those pairings lasted beyond the end of trade training. what an incestuous little world that was. our DS fared much better - two fell in love and got married to each other, and another two were shacked up together for years.

    we had an incurable romantic on our course as well - she had six separate "romances" before eventually failing her vetting lol.

    i was an impressionable teenager: after ashford, i honestly thought that you were supposed to propose to any girl you went out with for more than 3 months! :D

    oh, and there was another secret romance that the two blokes in question thought nobody knew about. :puker:

    * not to mention the "romances" between DS & students, students and cookhouse panbashers, students & NAAFI staff, or one DS wife & a student. thank fuck that kind of thing is rather more frowned upon nowadays :x
  6. Dunno about true love stories, but we were fcuked about morning noon and nite.
  7. I seem to recall the following at a "Smoker"; "You have the brains of a pace stick - but "x" has the attributes!" From a young lady encased in a pair of leather trousers to a drill pig!

    Then there was the female driver with the Sgt and the Lt and another female driver... CR not at the same time.

    Of course there were the Unit romances when male WO tried to kiss a male Lcpl!

    Makes my current student life a little tame...the course is all female apart from moi..
  8. And to continue the theme, I first met Mrs B_A at Ashford, and bizarrely she agreed to marry me. My peers were so amazed they sent TMA along to witness the event, which he did when he was not fighting the Ushers! :roll:

    She remains with me 16 years later!

    It has cost me a fortune in Rohypnol :lol:
  9. Definitely not at Loughborough. It was either Russian or Arabic.

    NOW can you see the value of the correct use of a capital letter?
  10. Now that would have gone over the heads of quite few on here. :D
  11. Only if there's one hell of a southerly blowing I would imagine.
  12. Twas not my fault they chose to play `the dart game`the previous night and lost considerable amount of money and attempted to remonstrate with me at the ceremony/wedding breakfast :twisted: In those days I was still quite handy with both my fists and the ability to run to a fast car :p

    BTW - 16 years is a grand total BA. :D

    I recall many a Corps member who liked the taste of wedding cake - think the record is 5 for a male and 3/4 for a female :?

    PS - The rohypnol ? Evidence cupboard ? :oops:
  13. It is around that time that I think I last had anything to do with you B_A; if I had known Mrs B_A at the time (I may have but wasn't aware you were courting) I would have warned her off from having anything to do with you. I am still deaf in one ear from a course farewell party in a downtown Ashford nightclub where I couldn't hear myself drink!
  14. A couple of my Squad colleagues got engaged but once they were both out of training they realised that there were far more opportunities - might of been due to the fact that the male was posted to Germany and was drawn to the cultural delights of a weekend trip to the Reeperbahn!

    I personally did not partake in any inter-squad romance since I felt that it would have interferred with my hectice study schedules in Phase 1 & 2............... :)

    But I did dabble (more than once) with the local female population that frequented such top-end establishments like Dustys/Cayles/Flatfoots/The Bridge and enjoyed it so much that I ended up marrying and divorcing one later in life 8O

    But I was very very very drunk