Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. stop trying to make trouble

  2. There are real trouble makers I don't think I fit into that category, but if you saw the South Park episode you might notice a bit of irony in your statement.
  3. Yes, some followers of islam aren't very nice people

    Guess what, some followers of christianity are pretty nasty, as are some people who follow no religion.

    However, by posting here and trying to encourage ill-feeling you're doing noone any favours. It's that simple.

  4. 1 The show makes a point about free speech not Islam
    2 The second posting is about what one group of Muslims want to do to another group of Muslims.
  5. Free speech is a noble concept, but knowing when to keep your mouth shut is even more important.

    Christians kill christians, muslims kill muslims, muslims kill christians, christians kill muslims. Don't put yourself on too much of a pedestal. I take offence to your topic name, it is against their religion to characiture mohammed. If the same was about Jesus then I'm sure you wouldn't have as much as you do now. Muslim leaders formented hatred by adding to the original cartoons (ones of mohammed having sex with a dog etc) but at the end of the day your posting will do nothing other than help forment hatred and intolerance (sounding like blair now...)
  6. I saw the episode and was particularly offended by the insulting of Family Guy.
  7. The censored image:

  8. Maybe if something contained in the programme is offensive to Muslims maybe a warning before the programme starts and then they know not to watch it,kind of makes sense to me or have I got the wrong end of the stick?
  9. well said sir, and your not sounding like bLiar, your post is just common sence.
  10. I think I'm just about on message here. On the subject of South Park, the Scientology episode - not shown in the UK, because Tom Cruise threatened legal action - is a real hoot. Basically, Stan is revealed to be the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard. Cruise comes round to worship the great man and Stan calls him a sh1t actor. Tom is distraught and locks himself in a cupboard. Stan spends the rest of the episode encouraging Tom to face up to the truth and 'come out of the closet'. It's also well worth watching in that, you get an insight into the whacky world of Scientology and the extremely shaky mumbo-jumbo foundations it's built on
  11. I'm forced to disagree.

    If someone, or some group are driven to do or call for violence because "their feelings have been hurt" or they feel put out that another person does not share their view, or their religion or their taste in shoes they should be pilloried mercilessly by everyone who has managed to pull their lives and their heads out of the middle ages.

    I'm pleased to see the lampooning of those locals who think their petty tribal dispute is cause for anyone beyond their own sordid milieu to take any serious notice of them. Likewise the followers of the noncing figleaf scibbler.
  12. Hmm. Interesting link. Let's take a look at the GOP friends- Pat and Jerry- shall we?

    Try this quiz when you have a moment:
  13. Can I do my token muslim comment please? (Yes I am one)


    What many people are confusing on the whole Mohammed in cartoon issue is the whole concept of muslims and their handling of jokes with actually offence.
    There is never an excuse for violence over such issues but what we must remember is that as usual the small minority is having a far disproportionatly loud voice. The confusion is happening with both vocal groups (ie. the extremist 'muslims' and the complainers / 'jokers') arguing amongst each other and bringing about one upmanship to try and get one up on the other. The real victims tend to be the moderates (on both sides). It must be remembered that by portraying the image of Mohammed is the equivilant of getting a picture of Christ using a cucumber on Mary up the wrong hole to many muslims. The extemists then react to the bait accordingly, innocent christians etc suffer which leads to more cartoons and publishing of offensive cartoons and so on, all the time innocents on both sides are getting hurt.

    There's a big difference between free speech and deliberatly provoking. One of the two sides needs to be the bigger man and walk away - from what I see it is far simpler to stop publishing the cartoons and let the extremist 'muslims' expose themselves for the minority prats they are.
  14. South Park is interdenominationally sacreligious and blasphemous.