Discussion in 'REME' started by HENDO, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. Sorry might sound like a silly question but do they im currently transfering from the TA to the REME regulars.
  2. Only the ones with incredibly hard to spell names or Jones' with the last 3 on the end to tell 'em apart.

    Oh, and knobbers.........................
  3. so I take it thats a no then I guess recruits dont wear them aswell ?
  4. 99% of the british army dont wear name tags - its an individual; thing - you wanna wear 'em, wear 'em, if not, dont bother - no-one will make you put them on and I doubt that anyone will make you take 'em off if you do wear 'em.............
  5. Why the question?

    If you have some from the TA fetch them with you and get them on your kit if required. If this isn't the reason for the question what is it?
  6. Unless you get attached tp a sigs unit in which case you have really done something wrong anyway
  7. Some Regiments do (Sigs, some RA ,some INF and some RAC) just depends on the CO really. Regardless, if the Regt do, so do the REME. Unless your a PULHEEM pushing rebel!
  8. - And you are going no where near my NADS Batts me "old auld fruit". 8O

    Edited because of the thought of my nads....etc
  9. Point taken Wedge, point taken....................
  10. Permanent Staff wear them at ATR Pirbright so the crow know who you are!
  11. Permanent staff wear them @ ATR(P), so the recruits know who just shouted @ them!
  12. Years and years and years ago when I was in F ing B we were told to put name tags on our nice new wooly pullys, all went well till the next wksp parade (about the only time we wore barrack dress) when the RSM (ex Para) noticed a rechy mech with his name tag upside down, the reason, SO HE COULD READ IT HIMSELF. Almost p****d myself laughing.
  13. I'm at one of the battalions and we are issued with name tags which we will wear. There is no reason given or implied, it's just a matter of you will wear it.
  14. all depends on how keen you are. I wear em because I was keen, but now not keen enough to take them off. Also i agree with the wearing of anything that singles me out as reme (hammer+tongs, epaulette badges ect), just incase anyone dares to mistake me for any other corps or regt, suppose there is a bit of keeness left in me after all.
  15. During my time at PMC in the 80's nametags were compulsory, as they were in my subsequent time in Germany with 1 AAC. This was a 1 UK Armd Div thing.

    I see nothing wrong with them myself.