Do the regs really hate the TA or is it just banter?

after spending an hour in the chat room I really get the impression the TA are hated in the army, is this true?

Views please....
Turn the question around: why should regulars LIKE the TA?

A lot of the professionals might lose their jobs int he near future. I'm not in the forces but some of my best mates are and they feel like their only income is taken away so they can be replaced by part-timers and casuals. There's a whole lot of other reasons as well. It's a can of worms.
oh dear jesus.

1. Don't listen to Buzz
2. Dont listen to strange men on the internet
3. Did you see the little notice on the bottom of chat?
I actually said **** all that was negative or untrue if you even bothered to read what was said instead of joining in with a creepy IT dork who was yanking your chain.
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