Do the public know the extent of injuries ect in Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AlexRamsay, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. A friend of the family said this to me yesterday. Do we actually know the extent of injured soldiers in Afghanistan or do we just hear about the deaths of soldiers? I've found various articles on the web about it. But in all honesty I can't recall hearing the statistics on the mainstream news much, if at all. Or have I just missed it?

    Apologies if this thread has already been covered.

    Any help appreciated.

  2. Short answer is no we don't.
  3. Journo Alert. Ahoooogah!
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  4. Ask "Dinger" :-(
  5. Fee-fi-fo-fum - I smell the scent of journo scum.
  6. 'A friend of mine......'
    Do me a favour, have you tabliod hack scum not had enough of being told where to get off on the site.
    Next time one of my mates gets it, I'll leave something on my voice mail and you can find out that way!
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  7. Reference my last post...
    Words nearly fail me...
  8. I stubbed my toe on Herrick 12, I can't find any record of that.

    What other horrific injuries have been covered up? The public should be told.
  9. I knew someone who had a very bad headache on OP BANNER (that may or not have been down to something he had to drink).
  10. Aye and I'm never going drinking with you again either!
  11. Hmmm lol. I can only apologise as this has caused some upset obviously. At twenty two years old without a degree in journalism under my belt. I think it'd be pretty hard for me to be a journalist. Bearing in mind it was a very genuine question from a friend of the family. Not "A friend of mine" as you wrongly quoted.:thumright:

    Now do me a favour. Don't jump on somebody without knowing who the hell they are, calling them scum and whatever else. That's completely distasteful. That said, I understand the reason and hope there's no Hard feelings...=| Hopefully the lack of abusive language aimed back at you is enough for you to realise, I'm not a **** after all.

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  13. And as an ex-soldier here, shouldn't us 'public' know the full extent of the numbers and types of casualties in Afghanistan? I would've thought that would be in the interest of the armed services, though maybe not in the interest of the politicians who're meant to be supplying you guys with the correct equipment to do the job you've been assigned to do.
  14. Last time I looked the lists were maybe a year or so behind. They didn't separate the "battlefield" injuries from others though just x amount of injuries per month
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