Do the Police have no sense ...never mind a sense of humour????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, May 19, 2012.

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  1. It's not a question of no sense of humour's just a question of no sense whatsoever.

    Apparently a family bloke allowed his children to name their boat. They chose a silly name..."Bin Laden" . You can believe this is as innocent as you wish......but who cares? ....So he was pulled to one side by the Met as he puttled along down the Thames. No charges but ....threats. Such as "Stay where you are ....complete with guns and threats against his children!" It strikes me that this is typical of the over the top reaction of plod during this gobment fest. One can only say ....move out of Londonistan during the Olympics. Chances are that you will be shot down for saying ....errrrmmm??
  2. Don't tell me...Daily Mail?
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  3. No matter better than VIZ.
  4. Creeping Shariah...
  5. The bloke looks like a pikey and his kid's got a touch of tar brush. **** em.
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  6. Did they threaten to take his kids dinner money?

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  7. Or, of course, he got mouthy at plod. Or he wasn't telling the whole truth about why the river police "pulled him over".
  8. I've got that up the side of my house.

    Bloody annoying, worse than Ivy.
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  9. Link?
  10. Do the Police have no sense ...never mind a sense of humour????

    Judging by the short arrsed fat fecker I saw in Tunbridge Wells the other day they must have a wicked sense of humour.
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  11. Now you are getting defensive. Any sane parent would get defensive. But you are getting defensive because of the "official line" . The problem we have here is that you can't differentiate between the two. Official & Personal response. They ain't the same y'know............Pass.
  12. No, I'm saying that MAYBE we don't have the full story, just a part of it.
  13. The Old Bill and a "sensa yooma"? You must be joking. That might have been the case plenty of years ago, but since then they've been enamoured of the Septic attitude that presents them as "heroes" and they're remarkably reluctant to let go of that image. It's what inspired them to tool up and adopt black clobber to prove to "the baddies" that they're the real deal.

    Just take a look at the Old Bill lining demonstration routes. Not only do they look like they're about to defend the UK against a real thrust against what's supposed to be a "democracy", but they also display the facial freezements that tell you they're not interested in the subject at all and are purely there to project the "power" of parliament, in addition to their personal claims to "respect" simply because they believe they're entitled to it. Think about it.

  14. .....Wellll..... l'd get mouthy.....wouldn't you????.

    :Copper: "Pullover!!"
    :Me: "Why?"
    :Copper: "'Becos! You is floating on de Thames....Now Pullover now! "
    :Me: "Errrmmmm? Is this legal?"
    :Copper : "Whats dat de to wit it? Pullover NOW!"
  15. You really think so?