Do The Kings Troop need to GO

i agree SS lets keep em, just don't send any real soldiers there!! All the girls who are there should stay and stop coming to our fcuking units cos they are sh*te
Do I detect some animosity in yout tone old man? Or is it the fact we'd like to see an end to Kings troop? Your lass doesn't look like Shergar does she? More teeth than a dolphin?
He's on a diet at the moment....i take it you havent jumped for a while then? Because if you had your PJIs would of been so bored by you that even they would "forget" to attach your static line! Now get back into the NAFFI and start ******** yannie and her family...You know you wanna!!
Lets get rid of all small units/dets that put the military in the public eye.
Lets ditch the Stagging on at Buck house and Horse guards pde, Quit flying and marching in the Queens colour Sqn. Dispand all mobile recruiting teams. Deny the White (cock) Helmets their POL allowance. RTU all the Freefall display teams. Save Millions of pounds in the process and just work for a living. Sounds good to me.

ok, so they are good for the jo public tourists etc...and for state panash and traditions, but do they have to be classed as a regular unit?

When you get some one in to your unit from THE basicly have to start from scatch with them(same could be said about the crows fresh from training).
Have you ever been to the troop, the BDR`s are treated like gods, some have never been out the troop and if they did they would suffer in a real unit...there is sooooooo much in bread shaging going on that im suprised there are people still married!

As for "WE ARE THE MOST SENIOR UNIT IN THE ARMY" no, they are the cerimonial troop for the ROYAL ARTILLERY there are many more senior btys, units with battle houners.....

Im not bitter with THE TROOP.....but they just fick me off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
antphilip said:
Do they have no operational role then?
What with 18 Pounders and Horses?

Perhaps they should have some 105mm Light Guns to practice on and keep in reserve.
Pity we sold of the 105mm Pack Howitzers, since they could have used the horses as mules!
Wittmann said:
All you anti RHA types

Be balanced the troop need to remain, even if the rent for the Wood becomes more costly, with all our bad publicity any kind of Gnr KAPE is worth it, tradition is hard won and easy lost - with out the troop we are a Corp not a ROYAL REGIMENT

Long live the troop, full dress and all

"Honi Soi Quo Mal Y Pense"

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