Do the Irish have these?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by old_bloke, Oct 8, 2005.

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  1. Saw this, do the Irish have these aircraft?


  2. Yes, the first is an Alouette, and the second is a Puma (I think).
  3. need to brush up on your ITDs, first is a gazelle
  4. need to brush up on your ITDs, first is a gazelle
  5. The first is a Gazelle and the second is a Puma, both of which examples in the photos are British. The Gazelle's Army and the Puma's 33 Sqn the 'Flying Tigers'.
  6. They were "zapped" by IAC crews while at an airshow.

    In 1982 the IAC had a lease on anPuma for six months. There were two Gazelles, but one crashed (?) and the other is up for disposal.

    edit: see this thread on IMO

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  7. Yeovilton if I recall.
  8. Here's a piccy of gallowglasses Alouette!!


    And next, one of the Alouettes!


  9. Well done! That building in the background is 845's squadron building . Ah Yeovilton!!! The outstanding nightclub that is Le Jardin is located in Yeovil-thoroughly recommended!! I spent FAR too long at Yeovilton......
  10. Shouldn't it be, "Yeovilton if I look at the photo properties"!

    Or was it the teddies in the corner of the gazelle/alouette area that gave it away?

  11. Yes the Irish have/had Gazelles. I refuelled one at Drumadd once upon a time. If you think the AAC ones are a bag of bolts you should take a look inside theirs. Very shabby.

    They also have Sea Kings which they use for SAR, we used to get those at Ballykelly quite a bit.

    BTW, the 'zapped' Puma above is actually 230 Sqn. They are the chaps who painted up the well at Bessbrook with their sqn badge, which is actually taken from the label of Tiger Beer. They were formed in Singapore before WW2 and being as Tiger was the local brew the fact it appeared on their sqn badge obviously proved its popularity.

    33 Sqn's symbol is a stags head.
  12. They also have Sea Kings which they use for SAR, we used to get those at Ballykelly quite a bit.

    Not owned by the IAC, though they are Irish- owned by a private firm. These same Sea Kings used to have IAC titles and crews, but no more, as the IAC is out of the SAR business.
  13. You are right and I stand corrected. I can only say in my defence that at least I knew the Gazelle was a Gazelle and the nationality of both aircraft, which is enough for most and certainly much more than you can expect from our american cousins, who's recognition skills are akin to "Fire!..... let's go and see what we've hit."
  14. These would be civil S61-Ns on a Irish MOD contract being as they are SAR.
  15. No Sid, I recognised the cloud formation to be typical for the South West for that time of year. Also, the style of clothing of the spectators in the background of the first picture is unique to Wincanton. And anyone who knows will know that the furry toy stall with teddies is 'Mikes Bunko Booth of Crewkerne'.

    Keep up, Sid :wink: