Do the french have bigger bollox than the english?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_0ne, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. There is a difference between nut sack carrying capacity and fcuking idiocy. I'm gutted that wasn't on something like Ogorish or whatever it is: Having watched him plummet to his Concrete grave.
  2. No, I think it's just they're more stupid than us. Choppers.
  3. I sat through 2:24 of shite french music and not one of them fell off. Robbed.
  4. I agree, those dudes just irritate me.
  5. Did that 35 years ago. My brother still does. We are English/Scotish nobbers. What breed of dipstick are you, to assume that we Brits cant beat Frogs at any kind of lunacy?
  6. The lyrics of that song were fairly amusing!

    It was pretty halucinant comme meme. J'ai eu la vertige en regardant ce clip, ça se voit que les français ont les couilles des éléphants et que vous avez les cacahuetes d'un souris chinois!
  7. yay scotish!
  8. Scottish. Fag in one hand, Polski beer in other, makes keyboard awkward. OH, Brit fag, as opposed to Yank fag.
  9. Let's not start WW3 here, surrender monkeys are one thing, but slanty-eyed rodents are a whole different cuppa soup.
  10. That fella's big bollocks got him killed in the end... Google him.

    T C
  11. I know, I'd have included a "RIP fella!" but those sort of posts make me gag.
  12. "Big Balls" and "gag" in the same paragraph? Is there something you aren't telling us Fez? Go on, come out of the closet, you hermer.
  13. there f-ing stuped