Do the British Army still use Mules as transport ?


My uncle was a Mule driver during the Italian Campaign W.W.2.does the British Army still use Mules as transport?


The boys of the Royal Regiment of Scotland use them to collect the stags when they are looking after good Queen Bess up in Balmoral.

Aside from that 52 Brigade experimented with them for mountain warfare in 2003, but found many of the commercially available ponies were too fat to fight. Since the Brigade's remit changed, I don't think they have tried again.

I dont know for sure,somebody will correct me, But I believe it's against the law now to breed a mule,It's definately illegal in the south of Ireland,so on that basis I would suspect the Army has very few.
I went to a 102 Log bde capability day in 2005 and there was a demonstration by the vet corps of a mule carrying the components of a GPMG in SF mode. I think it was done to make a point that the Army still had the capability at the time.
No dont use them anymore, cook them yes, use them no.


Isnt there still a JSP for packing animals?????
They where certainly in use in Hong Kong but we have been out of their since 97.
The local Army still has a Pack Mule Sqn.
Many, if not all are 'Captured' enemy animals, from the not to infrequent 'Contacts' with drug smuggling gangs/ armies of minor War Lords on the Thai/Burmese border.
jonwilly said:
They where certainly in use in Hong Kong but we have been out of their since '97. . . .

Was told by the then Trg Maj at RCT TA Depot, Grantham, that when earlier serving in Hong Kong, he had had to destroy all the mules in the colony (a lot earlier than when we left in 1997). It would not have been an enviable task, I imagine.



Staff Question was asked in the 'Stan two years ago...

No equipment now held and no residual skill capability.

... and as pointed out, Mules are no longer bred.


Yes there is/was a Def Stan with regards to load carrying of Mules, also includes details of Camels and Elephants.

ISTR the last regular use was in Hong Kong as per a previous post to supply some of the outstations, but I also recall that KRH used them in Bosnia. There was an article on the Defence website about it. Can't remember if it was Mules or Donkey though.
The US is spending millions in order to develop a robotic MULE as part of their FCS programme. Perhaps this is another 'space biro' vs pencil moment. :roll:

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