Do the "Boys" really buy Arktis?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Ned_Seagoon, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. I took a day off last week to take the Clan Seagoon around the Bath and West Show - an excellent albeit very wet day out. While there I was enticed into one stand by the sign “Country Covers” thinking that I might find a set of new seat-covers for the battle-wagon. Instead, I found the tackiest of Walt-Cam for the civvy shooting community. I swear that I was not in military look-alike mode and hadn’t even spoken when the rep’s opening line was “Hello sir – we make clothes for the British SF” and she went on with patter about how their nice little leaf and fern number was a best seller with the boys from Stirling Lines. Then I noticed that all of their kit was Arktis…..

    Someone put me out of my misery – are “they” really into something that would not look out of place on an Italian sparrow-hunt?
  2. Sounds like B0ll0cks sale patter mate.. :roll:

    Arktis my Arrse for the SF....

    Why would the "Boys" from Hereford buy that cheap tat, When they probably get issued some right Gucci Gear... :wink:
  3. Whatever works for you. My poncho is a shitty £3.99 ground sheet from Pound stretcher
  4. :lol: :lol: I thought everything from £ STRETCHER..Was just that

    Er..A Pound.... :wink:
  5. Your thinking of "every things a pound" my man.

    Pikey clicky
  6. Arktis used to be quite good (about 6 years ago) but then started mass-producing everything overseas. As soon as that happened so the quality caved in.
  7. Bit better quality than WebTex though?
    I think SF are leaning more towards MOLLE nowadays