Do the army have to pay me?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by poet, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. Do the army have to pay me? Got confused with jpa now I owe the army shed load of dosh :D basically I am not getting paid for few months. what are the rules on this :?
  2. There are minimum rates which you must be paid - it used to be a complex calculation, but broadly speaking it was 50% for a single or 75% for a married man less food and accn charges. Speak to your Pay Office.
  3. Spoke to my pay office they told me tougth shit its all up to jpa phoned jpa they said speak to your pay office :roll: .Do you know where it state this? Be such a great help
  4. How do you owe the army a 'shed load of dosh' in the first place? Is it there or your fault?

    Indeed you have to be paid a minimum salary if you owe HMG some dosh.

    Take it up with your SSM or Officer if the pay office are not being helpful.
  5. You put in for shed loads of expenses that you weren't entitled to, didn't you? :roll:
  7. I was entitled to it but some where I went wrong :x
  8. Thought so. Explain your situation to your pay clerk or AO, see if they cant resolve it.

    Did/have you spent the money? If not then simplt pay it back.
  9. Spent it :D got receipts put it on jpa but for some reason for some reason they did not go on to jpa correctly thus I am debt to her hmg. I have put them on again which I think is right. Hope that sorts it out.

    They took all my wage already given me a big fat zero
  10. Didn't the large chunk of cash that dropped into your account tell you something was up?

    If you've spent it then I'm pretty sure you're fcuked. If it was a large enough amount to justify them stopping your wages for a number of months then I've really got no sympathy, you must have realised it was too much.
  11. devilish I sent you a pm
  12. If your employer over pay's you, they must inform you of that and that it will be taken back on next months pay. If this goes back over several months you must come to an agreement with your employer to repay a "reasonable" amount from each pay. They are not allowed to deduct anything from your pay except tax and NI without your consent. It is illegal for an employer to take money for hours worked without an agreement. I know APC,JPAC or who ever else thinks they pay our wages does what ever they like and blames the system. This is all wrong in the eyes of the law and I am sure in court "its JPA's fault not mine Sir" will not go down at all well and with the amount of mistakes that are happening just now it is only a matter of time before the MOD has a court case on its hands.
  13. ^ Agreed, but if YOU submit claims that YOU are not entitled to, then it is YOUR mistake not theirs. You must repay the monies forthwith or you might find it is you who is in court via a county court summons.
  14. But if you are entitled you think you done everything right then without warning it stops paying you .Have to put the claims in to do my job! There no wait there this tom doing this wrong because its all self help