do the army fitness posters really work

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tankscrow, May 5, 2013.

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  1. I am not doubting them at all I find them very well laid out and detailed but do many people use them and would they really get you anywhere near being fit enough for the army. I will try out their programme and see how it goes.
  2. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    I really wouldn't try to get fit out of a book, especially not when you are starting out.

    Most gyms offer all the circuit training you can manage for about £30 a month. Get down there and sort it with a professional.
  3. The poster is a good guide to help those who haven't had much training in the past or able to afford the gym as DL suggested. If like many of the applicants you can't afford assistance then follow the poster guidelines and adjust to your level.....just don't try and jump ahead levels and make sure you recover and warm up/down properly as suggested
  4. I think like most posters they are there to encourage and point out different options of going about it

    But certainly not as the definitive source of Army fitness in isolation
  5. Don't some ACIOs have runs together now?

    Or has that been dropped now capitas has taken over.
  6. And if he can't do one at the moment? How do you propose he builds up to 10? Are you in any position to make that advice or claim that he will p1ss basic?

    Tankscrow follow the advice on the poster, it is a few years ago, but I followed the leaflet (yellow one, typed up with drawn pictures of blokes break dancing... I think they were supposed to be doing various exercises) and spoke to my PE teacher.

    Helped I was still at school at the time, but you may find an old teacher willing to help.

    Good luck.
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  7. I got by on 40 Du Maurier and half a case of Herforder Pils a day. It was rough, but that was the Cold War for you.
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  8. I bought the British Army Fitness Guide (cost me 20 euros - not sure of sterling price) and it shows you each warm up, stretch, exercise and how to make them easier for beginners and harder for advanced. It has many plans at the back to act as a guide for getting fit for Phase One. It shows you how to measure your current fitness level and then you can figure where to start on the plan.
  9. Try the Royal Marines training tool, it's really good and it does work well. It works out a programme for you depending on your maximum abilities on specific exercises.
  10. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    This is why it's good to have instructors around. Tips about stuff like that are really useful. Also, most civvis don't really know the meaning of the word push. You've only got to look at the ADSC run time thread to see that. 17 year old lads doing 12:30 and more... wtf?

    I've got TA selection coming up soon and I can smash the kids time at 38.

    OP.. if you can possibly get your hands on enough cash to train with professionals, I strongly advise you to do it.

    I've said before, anyone thinking of joining up should really be doing Britmilfit on a Saturday morning. It's pretty much the only fitness program out there that allows you to compete, like army fitness. And you should be aiming to come first as well. I do, and I'm an old fart who's just doing a bit of Stabbing.

  11. Thanks for all the responses. Due to the fact I was think of joining the royal marines I have a few of their fitness guides so I guess I'll try em out and find out. Unfortunately im a big rugby player. My run isn't too bad, sit Ups are great, push Ups are low and chin Ups are non existent so I'll try out posters and see how it goes.
  12. What are the intake test standards for RM? I don't know tbh.

    If you need chin ups find a buddy.

    You're mucker (rugby team?) will help you. You hang off the bar, and lift a foot to your arrse. He holds that leg/foot combo. or he can grasp your waist (like a lineout lift).

    YOU should be doing most of the work, but he helps. Keep banging them out with assistance, then try without. But he comes in to help when you can't managed it.

    It will take work (but as a rugger bugger you should be fine wth that) but soon enough you'll be banging ut more than the rquired number (that's what Id aim to do if i were you).

    Pushups.. well, just keep banging 'em out. If you fail at a full push up, go on your knees and push out the last few your arms can take.
  13. Thanks. The requirements for the RM are high 80 sit Ups in 2 mins, 50 push Ups in 2 mins or in and around that. I'll just try my best and then try even harder. I'm committed so i can make it work. Thanks again.
  14. Marvellous.
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  15. Do RM still do the bleep test for the entry tests?

    It may be worth checking that tankscrow. Baicaly you ht the line on the beep. Every 8 or so beeps it speeds up!

    you may ace the 1/5mile run... but can you do it to a cadence?