Do the army employ psychologists?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ajt1988, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. My Girlfriend (after reading my letters regarding AOSB information may I add) appears to be interested in joining the Army as a psychologist. She has asked me questions which I am not qualified to answer. A little help with the following questions would be very much appreciated:
    Do the Army employ its own psychologists?
    If so, how do you become an Army psychologist?
    What fields of psychology would benefit her?
    Many Thanks
  2. Of course the Army employs psychologists; we're all fucking nuts!
  3. The correct answer is as above!

    The sensible answer is to contact your local careers office.

    A personal answer is that when i had to see one, i ended up feeling really sorry for him, with his workload. My issues stuck with me for a while....some would say they still haven't gone, 15years later......... ;)
  4. Does the Army employ psychologists?

    Why do you ask? :crazy:
  5. I ask simply because I already have an account, and she currently does not have internet access.

    I was not sure if they would be employed directly by the Army or contracted in. I'll send her to the careers office!

    Thanks for the replies.

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  9. They employ 'trick cyclists' too...