Do TA subbies deploy much?


I hope to be going out pretty soon.

In fact, if you go an look on the Army website for possible postings they're currently trawling for, you'll find several aimed squarely at the Subaltern market.
Yes we do, three op tours in the last three years in this case.

Possibly the fact there are fewer Subbies than soldiers makes it look like Subbies do fewer tours, proportionally though I expect there are roughly similar figures.
thickienongrad said:
Cheers for the responses guys. What sort of roles are they doing out there? Do some actually get platoon commands or is it mainly HQ work??
Outside of the inf, I suspect that most are doing things like Psy Ops, CIMIC, watchkeeper, SO3 R&R and the like...

If deploying as mobilised and formed sub-units, yes they do. Tyne Tees on Telic 2 had a 4 platoon coy, each with a subbie and a spare subbie in coy HQ. One PC was a 21 year old, six months out of sandbags, not done PCD yet, 2Lt.

So if you're weighing up the odds of getting deserts issued, yes, you're in the frame: it's not just specialists like Civil Affairs and Int who get deployed. Although MSR's right, it's mostly individual reinforcements who make up the majority of the subbie/Capt TA roles.

For trawls, I've not seen an inf bn yet that looks at anything other than the Pte/JNCO level when making up their numbers to go overseas, although one or two TA types were met in various ack-adj/watchkeeper roles.
Great opportunities at the moment, if you fancy being SO3 CIMIC!

Remember, we are a reserve. They will always use us for filling the slots that they can't fill themselves. Ergo we are never going to get the best jobs. If that doesn't bother you, and you are still keen to go and 'do your bit', then yes, there are plenty of opportunities. But don't try larging it up with your medal, when you do eventually get it in 2008.
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