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Do TA soldiers get learning credits?

Arai_1234 said:
I just looked at the link you posted, After doing 2 tours in the last 3 years i should get something.
Why should you? Why should doing '2 tours' have anything to do with it? You could have sat on Safwan Hill and t*ssed it off for 2 tours for all I know?

Should the grotesque fat f*cking lumps in units up and down the country who never have and never will deploy be exempt from the opportunity? You have a forty odd hour working week to square away your education when you are not playing dress up on Tuesday nights, if your claiming you can get some or all of it paid for. If you are working, do what the rest of us had to do as a civilian, dig deep and suck it up at night school.
Arai_1234 said:
I spoke to a new career skills representative today and he thought that you got some kind of learning credit through the TA
Ask him for the references.

Or use your Op Tour bonus to pay for it ;)


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