do Ta get id cards

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by markey1986, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. hello when your in the ta do we get id cards or dont ta get them
  2. The official policy is Yes, but there's nationwide variation. Most units will issue them freely, whilst others will issue them only when there's a recognised need i.e. you're going to a course etc.

    Bit of an odd one, really. Most units will bat them around freely, but some refuse to shuffle ever onwards into the chasmic maw of the 21st century.
  3. ok cool thanks for that just wasnt sure if we did.
  4. Our unit gives them out for camps courses etc and snatches them back promptly never really needed it any other time.
  5. It is needed when one visits Burger King amongst other retail outlets, Surpus stores and the likes.
  6. What niceness do BK provide on showing said ID card?
  7. 20% discount.
  8. Do Burger King make you show your ID if you're in uniform?

    Surely those poor buggers whose units keep their ID cards locked in a filing cabinet, can get their burgers by nipping in on the way home from training.

    Or do they insist on ID so that reenactors and airsofters don't get discount by mistake?
  9. Believe it or not but some BKs do not give you discount unless you A. Ask for it when in uniform and B. Produce said ID card even in uniform.

    Be careful with ones that are in retail parks and the likes, they claim to not do the discounts which is bollox.
  10. Sixty

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    They probably get a fairly hefty discount anyway due to their loyalty cards :D
  11. ^PMSL how very true, phat fcuks...
  12. Train stations (glasgow central ) as well. Yet they do offer 20% student discounts. :roll:
  13. The burton group, which includes Dorothy Perkins, Wallis, Miss Sellfridge, topshop/Topman etc also do MOD discount. If they argue the point, I pull out my NHS card, or if they argue point further, I pull out my Student card(since the University dated it wrongly and added another 3 years onto it).

    Who said the jocks were tight?

    Back on topic: We are issued our ID cards for permanent issue
  14. Thanks for that one liz, and yes we are tight but aren't all squaddies when it comes to getting one up on our civvy brethren?
  15. Indeed. And how great is it insisting on the discount and the wee spotty 16 year old behind the till getting flustered as the queue builds behind you as the point is argued.

    I'm jock too, therefore tight.