Do Squaddies still go on the Piss..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Billy Got Nabbed, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. I have noticed over the last few years a serious demised of drunken Soldiers on Remembrance Sunday.

    I normally do the Cenotaph then head down to my Regimental T.A Barracks and all the young lads fall out in the drill hall bounce down stairs grab their kit and leg it what is it alcohol free new generation eehh back in my day we wouldn't even dream of Uckin off sober,we ended up Pissed and skint after buying all the Old Comrades their fill and having a Uckin brilliant day.
    Guess it's just the way the Army's going or maybe it's just the way the T.A has gone now they have to do Tours.
  2. How about taking the little scrotes outside and telling them that;

    a, Out of respect, buy the old boys a drink
    b, They are fucking hero's in fact, legends!

    Lastly, they ought to stay and get pissed with the good ole boys, also, listen to what they have to say about their time within the service! Disrespectful little cunts.
  3. I am not a squaddie any more, but I can tell that yesterday at 10 am I went to Sheridans Irish House, a pub here in Ho Chi Minge, for their all day Irish breakfast. They have Tiger beer on draught and keep a reasonably good pint of Guinness. The Tiger was my downfall. First pint went down the range at 1005 hrs as a warmer into the bank. After that it was all downhill and the subsequent (many) pints of Guinness ensured that my morning motion today was of a thick and treacly disposition and malodorous in the extreme, prompting cries of "Hoi Wah" (stinky) from LBFM. I digress. Anyhoo, I was poured out of the bar and into a taxi around 1700 hours having had an elegant sufficiency, arriving back at my hotel after the mandatory but involuntary snoozing guided tour of Ho Chi Minge. A quick check of my finances this morning revealed that, yes, I had tipped the taxi driver a weeks salary (his not mine) and that, being full of beer and bonhomie, I had bought the entire bar staff a drink before leaving the bar. I have the bar bill to prove it. On the back of which is one of the bar girls phone number and her name (Lanh). So I don't know about today's Squaddies, but I am certainly keeping alive the old traditions. LBFM is going to visit her family this arvo and will be away for a couple of days. Hmmmmm where's that receipt with the bar girls phone number on the back .........
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  4. And I call a bullshitting peasant.
  5. nope, too many ladder climbing Snco's about nowadays to charge lads for being under the weather the next morning, well that was the case in Chilwell when i got out 2 years ago. :-(
  6. Oh dear, mutley has been drinking brasso again.
  7. i saw someone doing that outside the refuge in Aberdeen around 1984 might have been a tramp BUT it could have been the mayor for all i knew. ;-)
  8. Or indeed mutley. But I have a little plan for our friend mutley... watch this space.
  9. I refuse on grounds of genital warts to even contemplate sucking your thing you call wood. Come along gob-shit, talk to me you fucking arse, have it out. PM with your contact details, I will happily call or turn up darling.

    Dare say your just another full of shit cunt bag who has the hard man image on the interweb though. Either way, suffocate, in your own poo, you fucking chod. whilst there, can you make sure your mum is wet enough for penetration. I may have to throw a glass of water on her otherwise, then up her.
  10. I hope you can afford the air fare...
  11. He'd still need his mum's waver to fly on his own though.
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  12. Oh dear, proof positive of the OP's contention. EODMAT was describing a rather mild night on the piss for most squaddies at one time.
    We now have the Coke and Mars Bar generation that think getting past stage one of their computer game, without using a cheat, is a wild night.
  13. Why are they?
  14. Though no longer in I still get rat arsed when the old wallet allows, Saturday last weekend my wallet had a collection of moths in it. Mate spotted me the readies and off we went, I now owe him £140 from that night and don't remember much although I was face sucking with a rather filthy German au pair in Warwick. Dirty minx! Woke on Sunday in my living room thinking what a great night stumbled through the house tripping over my vomit covered shirt on the way. Looked around and was pleased with myself for getting none on the floor.

    Found out yesterday the reason for lack of vom, it was all down the back of my sofa and under the cushions. Fuck!
  15. Because unlike mutley, they can spell heroes?