Do soldiers pay for digs on ops?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Heff30, Jan 18, 2012.

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  1. My mum has just asked me if soldiers have to for their digs and food while on operations, I'm unsure so thought I would ask...

  2. Indeed but at least you get to choose your menu on a month to month basis so you always get what you want for scoff, I think its a good system and worth the money
  3. you do get combat allowance to help cover it mate... you can be a £5 up at the end of the month if you skip brekkie.

    speaking of which, when we getting paid this month?
  4. Of course, if you don't fancy sharing your digs, you can always rent a place in the locale. Rates are fairly low, but you have to buy your own food in the markets on your days off.
  5. It really helps teach the crows to manage their money too. Once you've seen someone casevaced with extreme dehydration because they're too skint to pay for water it makes you think about your own financial affairs.

    Especially when you find out how much a casevac in a Chinook costs you when you get out of hospital. Some of the bills I've seen lads get are fucking huge!
  6. Make sure you get good personal accident and travel insurance. Step on something that goes bang and the bill for the MERT is going to rip into your op allowance.
  7. It's extra for a one man bunk and room service.
  8. Iv got a bit of sway with the man upstairs. If you send me some pictures of your mummy I can square you away with a cheaper daily rate.
  9. If you save enough also whilst on ops they fly in the norwiegien nurses from narvik and the give you complimentary blow jobs..... All of them are ex Mrs Noway finalists......
  10. Wah shield up) Merciless. They don't take any prisoners here. :) (wah shield down.
  11. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Keep 3 grand in a Lloyds gold account and you get free holiday insurance.
  12. So your mum is thinking about signing up then? Come on, you know the routine, post some pictures of her relaxing in a woman's way and someone on here will make sure she gets a protein-filled diet on taking the Queen's shilling.
  13. I was annoyed at the cost of the flights to Afghanistan, you can only fly with the RAF for insurance reasons but Emirates can get you there for less than half the cost, and they go non stop too.
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  14. just heard the Mods upped the price of Rds again, lucky though you still got a mum to transfer some extra cash over for any real big firefights.
  15. dont tell them your on a working hol ffs!!!!