Do soldiers need a "trade union"? (PM)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stardark, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. On Radio 4's 'PM' at 5, according to the newsletter:

    'We'll look again at Iran; we'll ask whether soldiers need a "trade union"; we'll debate yet more changes being proposed to Sunday trading laws in some parts of the UK, and there could well be an item on lard.'
  2. Could be worth listening to. Might be around 1720, from what I hear. I will try to flag it up here when the item starts.

    The "item on lard" sounds intriguing too :lol:
  3. I believe the Dutch actually do have a soldier's union. Ireland has 'representative associations' which cover a lot of the same ground, although it is more limited in scope than a union.

  4. The Belgian Army had trade union. On ex they bin at 2200hrs and then kick off again at 0600.

    (Granted, this was in the late 80's).
  5. Didn't someone try this over during the 60's/70's but it got firmly kicked into touch by the powers that be?.
  6. Chaps, the main thread about a possible Federation (but not a trade union) is HERE (clickable link).

    I gather the PM programme did not have space for the item tonight, but they do have a major story on their website and you will see the link in the thread I mentioned.
  7. Ta. I didn't get to the website in time to see the piece, but this issue seems to have enough legs without a PM article to bolster it. I'll keep an eye out, anyway (PM newsletters don't always arive on time, though).
  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The was talk of it when I was serving but thats all.I think we do need a kind of 'union/federation' which not only looks after the interests of Servicemen & women but the families as well.I mean,the police have a federation rep,dont they? So why should'nt the services?
    I agree that it should'nt be a 'lets strike!' union,more of a person or dept that is 'identical' throughout the services.A bit like a CAB in a way but able to give legal & financial advice.
  9. I can just imagine a situation in which 16AA are sitting in their Hercs striking for more Para pay and refusing to jump.... what would happen if their demands were not met?

    "Right that's it lads...everybody out!"
  10. I can't imagine 16AA sitting in hercs full stop.
  11. How many threads do we need to discuss this topic?

    It's getting as tedious as the 'Walt' threads which appear nigh on weekly.
  12. Biscuits you are right.... Lets go on strike regarding this topic...
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