Do SOinC PDs actually mean anything??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Smoking_Sigs, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. In December a letter came out of Blandford that was designed to screw over about 7 specific individuals (me being one of them). The letter broke several Corps Directives written down in PDs 1, 6 & 8 (that I know of). How can the CI involved get away with this and everyone just blindly following his letter. This has resulted in my pay levels being reduced by 4 levels (backdated) and me now owing the army over £3600!!!

    Thanks Blandford - hope I never see that individual again
  2. Smoking Sigs,

    I am sure that the CI was sat there thinking "I know a great wheeze, why don't I write a letter to screw these 7 guys over, that will be a jolly jape I can play and it will get loads of guffaws in the mess". I am sure thats what he must have been thinking.... or maybe, just maybe you were not entitled for whatever reason?

    Why don't you write with your name and address to Soldier mag and perhaps they can get someone "in authority" to check it out for you to ensure you're not being hard done by? Or alternatively whinge on here which I suspect will get you nowhere as no one on this site has any knowledge of your particular grievances.

    Just a couple of thoughts...
  3. I have posted it on here to see if anyone else has had similar problems. It seems that because he did not like the rules he just ignored them!!

    This has been going on for a while and as everyone I can/have spoken to are of a lower or equal rank they don't/can't do anything.

    It's not our fault how the system works and we just followed it. He did'nt like it and just broke the rules - cause he could!
  4. I am guessing that because this is PD 1, 6 and 8. This is something to do with non-promotion on the foremans course?
  5. Close .......

    ......To be in a supervisory post you must be a SSgt. And that's what happens at the end of the courses.

    However the CI wrote a letter 8 months after we had finished changing our dates so that we were given the appointment 2 weeks before the end of course!!

    This result's in about 7 of my course being Sgt Supervisors!!! AND before we were qualified!!
  6. Again Smoking_Sigs you have a chain of command. If you have an issue that you think effects you to the tune of £3600 then instead of hoping someone will take up your cause because you posted it on here why don't you take it to your chain of command and get an answer? To be honest if you haven't got the backbone to ask about your own pay you probably shouldn't be a Senior NCO anyway! Particularly one thats supposed to be fronting up to Senior Officers on a day to day basis to talk about the "good news and bad news" of Comms/EC.

    Get a backbone and ask your chain of command. If you don't want to "rock the boat" then take the decision on the chin and stop blubbing.
  7. Jumping to conclusions arent you. Did I say that I have'nt ??? Did I not say that this has been going on for a while and that I have spoken to people of lower or EQUAL rank to a CI.

    They all say there is nothing they can/will do and it's this that is really arrse.
  8. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    How does it affect you pay??? Doesnt it jsut mean taking a little bit of money from your fat Financial bonus you got at the end of the course??

    There is an alternative.....................SIGN OFF!!
  9. Ehh no you didn't you said that you had spoken to people of lower or equal rank. Not of the CI. That still means you haven't raised it above Lt Col Level? Have you therefore ask permission through your chain of command to write to Col MCM Div to get his view on the subject? I mean you are now suggesting that your chain of command cannot/will not do anything for you, Iam assuming that your CO has in fact already raised this with MCM Div and a letter may already be in Unit. To be brutally honest CO's/OC's do usually want the best for their soldiers so one can assume from that, that either

    a. the system is right in what it has done and no matter how much wingeing you do it will never change.
    b. you have a case that is not being addressed by your chain of command.

    I would find it hard to believe that b. is the case. Like I said before either address this formally to MCM Div (through your RCMO as a starter) or write to soldier Mag and they will be happy (if you have a question that needs answering) to get you an answer.

  10. Have to agree with Bow_man here SS. Its a chain of command issue - If you think you have been wronged you need to gather your evidence together and have an interview with your COC, with a view to a redress if the COC cannot (or indeed will not) resolve the issue. If a mistake has been made, Blandford are not at fault or you were aware that there was a possible mistake in your promotion or dates of taking up you supervisory appointment i wouldnt bother with the redress. No point fighting the white.

    With regards to the money, if you were unaware of a mistake and could reasonably be expected to believe the money you were paid was yours to spend - this is definately a COC issue where they will need to fight your corner to have the balance written off and your pay adjusted to the correct levels.

    If you've been wronged, fight your case. If you knew about the mistake, but were waiting on a Blandford decision (which has gone against you) take it on the chin, pay the money back and get on with life.
  11. Sorry bow, as you rightly pointed out I did not specify above, but as I was talking about the CI at the time I thought it was clear that was the level I was talking about.

    It is more like we have a case but no-one likes it!! I actually have another meeting with the RAO (Maj) on monday but am not holding my breath.

    Back to the original question "Do SOinC PDs actually mean anything" does anyone know just how much weight they are supposed to carry - are they just a set of formal guidance or a set of instructions/orders?
  12. The thing is there was no initial mistake. We were promoted and appointed within the regs/PDs.

    They then went and changed our appointment dates 9/10 months after we had finished!! This 're-writing of history' is whats screwed everything up and has gone against the PDs.
  13. They are Policy Directives, but you still have to conform to all sorts of other rules and regulations (ones on qualification for promotion for example). In real terms no one can answer your problem without know ing the full facts.
  14. Thanks anyway guys
  15. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Talking of which, does anyone have SOinC PD's on electronic they can send me?

    On an out det and dont have access to them. nor do I have access to Army Portal or intranet...