Do SFSG get paid more than other regiments?

Let the instructors know of your SFSG ambitions at the earliest opportunity, and they will be only too keen to help you improve your fitness.

Reminding them will demonstrate your commitment.
That happened so much this week on PRAC two lads referenced pathfinders and sniper school of some description he was the demonstrator for steeplechase very keen.
One of my bezzies joined 4 para a good 10-12 yrs ago now. Done a Herrick or two with the 4 para embeds. Did his courses a few years ago intending for 23 but went SFSG or whatever they're called these days. SFSG offered more fun stuff than 23 who sometimes seemed to be getting the shitty end of the stick from the desmonds so he went that way.
I've never heard that before, but imagine that it relates to 22 as in Desmond Tutu.
I've only ever used it for 2.2 degree qualifications.
22, shhhh, don't pass this on but the Desmond's are supposed to 22 SAS, but that's just to fool the public. The reality is that they are a crack unit of Black barbers who go undercover in badlands and pick up info while giving haircuts.
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