Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by lunchy_bunsworth, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. If service personnel paid rent to the MOD/Govt for a number of years before the qtrs were sold off are they entitled to a right to buy like council tenants? If not is there a method of compensating them to make amends for what they were denied?
  2. Doesn't all the housing stock belong to Annington Homes now? As I understand it the MoD then rents back a proportion of the Housing stock and sub-lets it to us. So in answer to your question, no we dont have the right to buy.
  3. Just a detail: if a former member of the Armed Forces ends up tenanting a Council House (true, small chance of getting a new tenancy these days) and then applies to buy it under the Right to Buy legislation, their previous time accomodated in barracks, on a ship, in a trench etc counts towards the discount just as if they had been in a council house for that period.
  4. I am aware that qtrs are now owned by anningtion hence the last bit. Can they have the right to buy retrospectively as they were denied when the MOD owned the stock? May be a legal issue here not sure.
  5. Service personnel get first dibs at ex-quarters, but it may not be the one that they have lived in.
    When Annington prepare the houses for sale, they are obviously empty, then its a case of join the queue and put your tent up. First in line with the cash gets the first choice of which house they want.
    Its not like buying a council house which you are probably living in already.
  6. Mr Fox, not sure how much you know on this but when you say the above does that mean that the qtr is offered to service personel first, at the going rate of course, and then put on the open market?
  7. hackle,

    Thanks. I'll keep that in my back pocket. Do you know if councils are anti squaddies getting their houses for this reason?