Do Septics have no sense of irony?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by longtimeout, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. Hello all,
    after being involved in several long winded threads in the Multinational HQ re gun control, it has come to my attention that the average Septic (but I'm sure that there are exceptions that prove the rule), is completely and utterly lacking in any sense of irony.

    They often are unable to differentiate between funny and insulting. Things which I find hilarious, they seem to take as an attack on the very bedrock of their society.

    Is this a product of their increasingly inwards looking society? Or Does the "War on Terror" simply not leave any time for such frivolities?

    We've had one instance of a poster claiming that another poster obviously had no military experience, because he referred to weapons in a silly fashion (eg pistol thing, and rifle thing). Far be it from me to promote disrespect towards weapons, but in my experience (limited and long ago) in the Australian Army, lack of being impressed was regarded as essential. I've worked alongside UK mil and ex-mil many times since, and have found it to be the same.

    Why is this so?
  2. I think that the obvious callsigns you are reffering to LTO are just trolling around, and while they get a response they will keep on doing it

    Other posters to this site from the US always seem to have an understanding of what we are about
  3. Drain_sniffer,
    I'm not just referring just to them,
    I have observed it in general, not just on this website.

    OK, so the example I gave was a troll from this site, but I really believe that it seems to be a general national trait. I think most US posters on this site are sensible enough to go with the flow, and fit in with the locals.

    What causes this?

    Or failing that, what funny stories do people have of examples? (the thread will go where the thread goes!)
  4. It is just a difference in sense of humour. We tend to be more ironic and our humour is usually more complex, with odd exceptions where it borders on purile. Through films, etc. coming from America we have probably learnt more about their humour than they have about ours. Although I believe some of our comedies have made it over there. BBC America show Yes, Minister, and a few others. American sit coms, on the other hand, have laughter lines in to show you where to laugh!!!!

    Most Americans I know have a hair trigger when it comes to perceived mocking of their country, yet they often miss the real mocks!!!
  5. Allright, I'll start you off.

    I was working with the US Marines on Granby and was headed up towards the chow house with my SA80 strapped across my body when this Marine Major shouted to me "hey soldier don't you know in the US Military that we carry our rifles on our shoulder"

    "Thank feck I'm not in the US Military then - Sir" I answered.

    I can still picture his jaw hitting the deck as the British half colonel I was with at the time roared with laughter.

    You're right, they just don't get it. Once they've worked with us for a while - they kind of get used to us, the good guys even adapt and join in.

    Their 'humor' is just as weird to us - very pre-school, at least that's what I find.
  6. In the PX a mate of mine was making his purchases when the lass behind the counter asked him where he was from with his accent. "Scotland" he replied. "Gee, Scotland has its own Army?" she said. "HA HA HA HA" said every Brit in the vicinity.

    Also like the phrase "Scotland in England?"
  7. As a sweeping generalisation- no they don't. Out.

    OK then, here's a more nuanced view:

    BBC America these days, while they do show Little Britain, is more typically littered with things like Cash in the Attic, Bargain Hunt with that silly orange Northern gobshite in the pinstripes, British "comedy" is typified by such sh1te as Keeping Up Appearances and Benny Cnuting Hill. Most of them associate Rowan Atkinson with fecking Mr Bean rather than Blackadder.

    There are a few, don't get me wrong, who are able to appreciate the likes of Andy & Lou, Father Ted, David Brent and the Dead Parrot sketch, but it would appear that even then, most of them are cogniscent of the fact that they should find it funny, rather than actually finding it funny.

    Another frustrating phenomenon is the total inability to grasp the idea of understatement.
  8. I am going to stick up for the Yanks slightly.

    1. Yes, their humour is very much defined by their general lack of knowledge and/ or interest in anything going on beyond their front door.

    - however -

    2. US comedy is seriously underrated. It has uniformly high standards and is easily as good as it's UK TV equivalents. If not better. When that overrated character Gervais comes up with anything as good as Seinfeld then tell me the septics don't have a good sense of humour.

    3. However their national sense of prudishness gets in the way (q.v. Janet Jackson's nipple). Our appreciation of the toilet at a source of never-ending funniness is our key strength in this regard.

    I did once go for a drink with two FBI agents. They drank orange juice, handed over their business cards and left. An absolute riot. The ATF bloke present assured me that it was a Bureau trait.
  9. And this fcuking c0ckdribble warrented a a troglodyte spouting shyte in the MHQ about guns means all septics are borderline comedy mongs.

    If your mum didn't have teeth like a picket fence I'd slide on in 'er and fill 'er with my baby batter.
  10. Ctauch, you're doing yourself no favours here, the responses thus far have been pretty positive from your point of view. Your inane outburst I fear will attract a bit of adverse publicity on you behalf.
  11. Sorry to have wasted 30 seconds of your valuable time ctauch.

    How about this, if you don't tell anyone you were here, I won't tell anyone about the dribble of manfat you've missed in cubicle four.

  12. Can I now claim brits don't get sarcasm?

  13. To most Yanks, irony is just another metal, like coppery. Or like steely, but with more carbon.
  14. No, but you could claim that your humour is of much too high an intellectual level to appeal to Australians (or one at least).

  15. Tin Foil hat on.

    More Carbon in Iron than steel??

    Tin Foil hat off.

    Or were you being ironic, misquoting Blackadder?