Do RRF CSMs wear Red Sashs?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Frangipano, Feb 20, 2011.

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  1. Went to a memorial service the other day. Amongst those present was a gadgie in No 2 Dress, WO2 CSM rank, RRF Cap Badge and Hackle, Brown shoes, WO2's sword belt and a Red Sash!

    Do Sgt Maj's wear a Red Sash on Parade? I always related it to CSgts and Orderly Sgts.

    Sadly, no photo available.
  2. The Infantry Sergeants' Sash is worn by infantry (less Rifle regiment) sergeants and warrant officers and by RAPTC and SASC Sgts and WOs.

    And, if they can get away with it, sometimes worn by non-entitled corps on Public Duties at Buckingham Palace!
  3. if I remember correctly; I think you'll find the GSM London District usually decides that, and not the corps trying to wear it for shits and giggles.
  4. No, I don't believe I will find that.

    The infantry sergeants' sash is a dress distinction, it's quite a different thing from wearing a more ceremonial type bayonet frog or rifle sling.

    The GSM's knowledge of matters Guards may be encyclopaedic, but he has no more right to legislate on non-infantry-derived corps wearing an infantry sergeants' sash, than he has to tell The Rifles to wear shiny buttons or insist that the AAC should have a thinner stripe on their No1 dress trousers.

    If a Corps RSM allows his soldiers to wear a dress distinction at Buckingham Palace that they would not normally be sanctioned by the Army Board to wear, (and we're not talking orderly sergeant or 'NAAFI Cowboy' sash here) then he hasn't really grasped the nuances of this uniform tradition thingy.
  5. Oh please don't say you really believe it's that simple. I think your comment is noble however it really doesn't pay bills or more importantly who foots that bill in this day and age. Will Lon Dist pay for hundred of blue sashes?? Nah will the R Signals pay for blue sashes for someone elses party?? Nah they will spend it on something mission focused. Does the GSM Lon Dist (SME Drill and Public Duties) who acts for the Bde Maj decide, or a Corps RSM (any Corps) who has possibly no experience in cerimonial matters.

    Last point, you try and argue with the GSM! Noble crusade or not.