Do RQMSs Do Ord Officer

OK, does anyone know if it is QR's/Mat Regs that state that 'RQMS's' do not carry out the duties of Ord Officer :?
I've had a quick look/search through Queen's Regs, and found nothing about this. That doesn't mean that they don't say anything, just if they do, I couldn't find it.

From memory, I believe that as the RQMS is, by appointment, the senior WOII within a regiment, he acts as the RSM's 2 I/C. The RSM doesn't do duties, so ergo, neither does his 2 I/C.

Probably completely wrong so, tin hat on and await incoming.
As a lot of unit's OO's duties involve checking kit in the RQMS's stores, surely the RQMS would have a 'conflict of interest'?


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In My unit the RQMS(s) do not do Ord Offr. The Weekly/Monthly checks on all the G4 accounts need to be completed by an individual outside of the G4 system to enable independant checking of the system. Therefore the QM/RQMS can not carry out the checks! In many units the Ord Offr is responsible for the G4 checks, so ergo the QM & RQMS do not do Ord Offr duties. Technically they can do the duty but not the checks! but it is sometimes just easier to exclude them anyway. You know how much the auld buggers whinge!! makes for an easier/quieter life!
They do at my place but that's because we have 2 regiments here. It just has to be managed carefully, i.e. they can't check their own accounts.
it's up to the Adjt / Senior POC who does duties in a unit / station...fact.

there are obviously good G4 reasons why a member of the Q staff should be excluded, but if numbers are short then suck it up!

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