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Do RMP carry pistols on Ops?

The RMP don't get provided with rations on ops due to no one liking them, so therefore they are issued with pistols so they can shoot small game such as deer, goats, rats etc in order to sustain themselves in the field
We do. Issued for the same reason that they're issued to others, personally as a Police Mentor they're more convenient, as rifles are a bit unweildy when attending police stations/shuras. When on patrol the Close Support guys were able to take it or leave it as it becomes another piece of kit to maintain/lose/secure, and the majority of Inf who we worked with weren't issued them anyway.

BTW is there anyone in this forum who is actually RMP or do you lot trawl the threads in the hope of a bite?!
The ones checking people were washing their hands / had their shirts tucked in were all armed in the BSN cookhouse the other day. Can't be too careful.
Corps?? You mean the AGC then
...........of course, back in my day, we were a Corps, and I did carry a pistol, lot of damn use it was, never did get to shoot anyone with it, much preferred to beat confessions out of innocent soldiers with a trusty Bardic lamp, then we discovered rubber truncheons, they were even better, could whale on a body as much as we liked without making them bleed, mind you they would confess to anything with a bit of judicious 'gummi stucking'

Back then we had our own training centre and everything, and a bit of an airfield to figure out who'd stabbed the store window dummy.

Still have my issue truncheon, wife often used to ask where the batteries went, happy days............

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