Do reserves actually spend 27 days a year?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by eden1994, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. I am considering the reserves to have a career as an engineer as well as in the reserves.

    Do the reserves get called up for training as little as mentioned or do you get deployed randomly to serve for say 6 months?
  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Welcome,expect some general abuse,get over it.

    I spent a total of 17 years in the reserves, 9 years in the RNR followed by 8 in the Army Reserve (TA).

    Had a blast ,be in now if I wasn't such an old goat.

    So, the answer to the question is....depends.

    I'm assuming you're looking at Army Reserve?

    What kind of engineering and what is your current level ?

    The key question you need to ask is
    What are you looking to get out of this - and what are you prepared to offer in exchange?
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  3. I am doing mechanical engineering right now at university. Split between meggitt (military contractor) and Jaguar (automotive).

    I want to go into the army reserves to develop myself, learn new skills and challenge myself. I will not moan if I am obviously called up for more than 27 days, but I do not want to be deployed for 6 months to Afghanistan out of the blue. The reason why it interests me is that you can be a civilian and a soldier at the same time.

    As for what I can offer to the army? I do not know what they can use from me? I am still in the early stages of researching but pretty sure I want to at least apply and try my luck
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  4. It's really all about how much time you are able to put in and how much training your unit puts on, as well as course availability etc, the 27 days thing is required to qualify for your bounty. Typically reservists volunteer for deployments, rather than just being tossed away to fook knows where at random.
  5. So if say in one year your company asks that you refrain from any training. You do not get kicked out of the military right or punished (aside from not receiving the benefits)?
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    There continue to be opportunities for reservists to deploy but it is all voluntary. In fact apart from the invasion of Iraq in 2003 reservist have only been mobilised after they have volunteered. Unless there is a national emergency you are unlikely to be mobilised unless you volunteer.
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  7. Possibly, if you communicate this one year training hiatus to your unit in advance, but to be honest, I'm actually not certain of the answer to that one. I mean you'd miss your MATTs for sure so I don't know how they'd handle it.
  8. That sounds reasonable.

    Do you know how long it takes to join (how long the application process is? Cant find much info on it on the army website.
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    As a grad student you might take a look at your local University Officer Training Corps,to get a flavour of military ins and outs.

    Find your UOTC - British Army Website

    Some are glorified drinking clubs,others work hard and play hard. Worth a toe in the water, not least because the kit issue at scrote level is a cut above what the average TA recruit gets.

    If Army Reserve is what you want then check this..

    Joining the TA - ARRSEpedia

    - which to be fair @Bad CO could do with updating?

    Do not be deterred by old and bold dit spinning - a lot of currently serving TA guys and gals have more time in an operational theatre than half of them,which stings!

    Whatever you decide,keep us updated.
  10. It has taken a couple of months so far for me, but I'm a rejoiner. I cannot comment on UOTC, but for a student like yourself it's probably worth a look.
  11. Im in my masters year and the freshers recruitment was months ago. Cannot go down that route. Will just have to suck it up and join the reserves in the future.
  12. You are a reserve, and are not going to be sent to some far off land for 6 months, when they can send a regular instead. I have met reservists while serving in the Gulf, Bosnia, and even on exercise over Salisbury Plain.

    A brother of a former girlfriend was in a REME unit in Newcastle. He used it as an escape from women trouble, as he was a bit of a womaniser. He did a few tours with the Regulars, in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. You remember a time when an Englishman would do a few years with the French Foreign, until things had boiled over? Well, he didn't need to go to those lengths, when a similar escape was available locally.

    Good luck, whatever you choose to do.
  13. Well for some of the highly trained reserves you might do more, but you might do less.
    The modern reserve forces look for fit go-getters ready to go on ops and do plenty of training.
    This to replace the fat, overweight, failed aft/pft but an "asset" to the unit soldiers!
    Some REME units are keen as mustard and have both go-getters & unit assets to choose from!!
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  14. Whereabouts in the country are you? Your location will determine the units you could join to a small extent.
  15. OP, you'll spend more time in the bar. Enjoy.