Do reenactors have any valid role to play, or are they all just walt wastes of life?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Beery, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. Reenactors are all useless walts.

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  2. Some reenactors play a valid role, but their contributions are rendered meaningless by the 'walts'

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  3. Some reenactors play their role well enough that they overcome the activities of the 'walts'.

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  1. When asked critical questions about what it is they feel they're doing by reenacting, reenactors often see themselves as memorializing the soldiers of past wars. They see themselves as 'living historians', presenting the contemporary world with a fresher understanding of what soldiers of times past wore and how they lived.

    The reality, of course, is often a bit more complex: more often than not, reenactors are overweight or even morbidly obese, they can't or won't wear uniforms properly, their 'tactical' events can only be described as 'grown men playing army', and they would be laughed out of any real military organization in the world.

    But occasionally, we do see folks who do look the part and play the role with some knowledge and reverence. As a way of memorializing wars long past, do such people play a valid role? Or are they little better than the fat loser walts? And if they do have a role to play in memorializing wars which have no living veterans, is that role overshadowed by the majority of reenacting walts who seem to be hell-bent on making the hobby seem like a farce?

    What do you think?
  2. I think this should be moved to the NAAFI so i can give you the abuse you deserve! What is it to you? They enjoy doing it, they provide educational material to kids and adults alike. As long as they are not falsely stating they are ex soldiers they are not walts.
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  3. I'm an ex-reenactor. I originally joined the hobby because I wanted to memorialize my ancestors' history in the Army and military life in general, but I quickly became discouraged by the number of people I felt were ruining the hobby and making it a laughing stock.
  4. Here we go again...

    You joined in Sept 2009 and THIS is your first post! FFS.

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  5. Oh, chucked out of the LeibstandarteGuardsturmtruppenWulfHunds were we?
  6. I went to see some reinactment play at Painshill park once, as I had **** all better to do.

    I got chatting to a few of the guys involved, hoping to find an excuse to take the piss. They were surprinsingly very knowledgable about their chosen subject.

    They also said that of an evening they sit about, get a BBQ on and get cunted. During the day they all fire black powder at each other, and take turns in winning.

    It sounded like a bit of a laugh to be fair.
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  7. There is a difference:

    Walt: claims to be something they are not for the sake of trying to gain admiration and fill the deeply depressing sadness that is their empty lives.

    Reenactor: someone who (probably) has no military skills, but a passion to try a teach a subject many of our leaders seem to be ashamed of- our history. They do not claim to be anything else, they were'nt on the balcony.
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  8. Saw this lot a year or two ago, to be fair they were pretty entertaining.

    Anglesey Hussars
  9. Why don't you ask them & let 'em fight it out between themselves?
  10. I knew a para trained LE officer who had done plenty of good stuff during his career. He was also in an English Civil War re-enactment society, I think it was called the Sealed Knot. He was of the same type described by Prince Albert; Very enthusiastic and knowledgable about the subject. Blatting a bit of powder at his mates, BBQ and then get wrecked afterwards. We took the pi55 a bit but to be fair to him he took it all on the chin and he didn't give a fcuk what people thought about his hobby.
  11. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I'm a member of the Sealed Knot. Founded by Brig Peter Young a WW2 Commando.
    Believe me no one but no one laughs at us.
    When at a multi history event I have a great deal of respect for those who re-enact other eras: Greek Hopolites, Vikings, The Middle Ages, Napoleonic (although most seen to want to be Sharpe, the French have the best uniforms) and so on. The Vietnam re-enactors do a great show called Rolling Thunder.
  12. The first world war lot are always very good, I've thought. Small scale, but good. To be honest, I think a lot of the groups are very good. You don't really get walts with the older periods that are reenacted. The second world war stuff is often very well portrayed, although the level of depth some of the reenactors go to (for example the SS bloke who always brings his wife kids in HJ uniform, that's a bit worrying.)
  13. I really wasn't trying to be a troll. It's just that, over the years I've been here, I see posts on the NAAFI railing at walts (who are usually reenactors) and, as a reenactor, I figured that this was how Army folks thought of the hobby in general. I'm quite surprised to see a lot of posts supporting reenacting.

    On the issue of why I haven't posted in 3 years, I felt that I never had much to contribute. I have actually posted more than twice, but it was in a post about reenacting and it was a couple of years ago, so it was probably deleted somehow. I don't usually contribute, because I was never in the military, so I didn't feel it was my place to comment on military matters.

    I generally reenacted in WW1 reenactments in the USA (which is where I live now). I semi-quit the hobby because I felt the tactical events were farcical - filled with people who were only there because it gave them an excuse to shoot old guns. Now I only occasionally participate in living history events, which tend to be more serious and educational.
  14. Two of the blokes I know in the Haworth Home Guard (as seen on the Forties weekends) are former paras, so I'd hesitate to call them walts. What their group does really well is give talks and demonstrations that show the history of what the LDV/HG did for this country. The Haworth lot are particularly knowledgeable and gave an amazing talk last year in which they showed great knowledge and professionalism. I'm sure they all get blotto at BBQ's occasionally, probably without eggs...
  15. Er... Gents,

    The Sealed Knot (English Civil War enactment society) was founded by a certain Brigadier Peter Young (DSO, MC and two bars) now sadly deceased.

    Nuff Zed.

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